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Zack Nicholas

I’m Zack, creator and main author of LateNightPortrait.

I think if you have an interest in art at any age, if you commit to learning and practicing, you can create something special, unique, and something that you can be proud of.

I created this site to help share tips, guides, and things that I wish I knew I first started pursuing art again at 28 years old.

Director Robert Eggers (2019)


Artists Stephen Gammell, Edward Hopper
Cookies my wife makesSnickerdoodle
BookKafka on the Shore
Musical Artist(s)Turnstile, Sade, Boards of Canada, Moderat
Guilty Pleasure MovieMortal Kombat
ExerciseBrazilian Jiu Jitsu
DirectorDavid Lynch

Since I was very little I always knew there was something special about drawing and art.

I would spend most of my younger school days attempting to draw my favorite comic book hero or drawing large action scenes and landscapes.

Later during college, I was told not to pursue an art degree if I wanted to get a job after school so I focused on a more practical degree in Information Technology. So I graduated, got that IT job and cubicle to match, but I quickly found out that I was not passionate about IT, and I missed creating drawings and art.

It was fall of 2016, and I decided to dive back into art. I didn’t know what would come of it, but I just knew that I enjoyed drawing, painting, and art.

I committed myself to art and would draw, paint, or do some type of art for at least 3 hours a day for almost three years straight. Most of my nights after work were filled with portrait and figure drawings while listening to music.

Feet Study (2022)

I thought to myself this is what I want – this is what I want to do

After about 3 years, I became happier with the art I was trying to make.

Hopefully, I can provide some small aid to your own art journey, and you can seize every day with the mindset of “Today is the day I will create my masterpiece” whatever that may be.

Thanks for stopping by,