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50+ Creative Gifts for Artists Who Draw

This post contains our top gifts for artists who draw. As someone who started their art journey with drawing and still very much enjoys drawing to this day, this list includes my own personal recommended gifts as well as those suggested by others.

Plus I’ve broken these down into three categories based on price:

  1. Affordable Gifts
  2. Premium Gifts
  3. Luxury Gifts

Finally, check out our section toward the end of this post with tips and things to consider when buying gifts for artists who draw.

Gifts for Artists Who Draw – Key Tips

  • Buying for an artist who draws is tough – > You don’t want to duplicate what utensils or materials they already own and you don’t want to get them the wrong brand
  • Therefore, the best gifts are of the materials they already use a lot of
    • try to do some research and get more of the exact same of those items*
  • Start by asking those closest to them and if all else fails don’t be afraid to probe and ask them directly (its better to buy something they will use instead of something they throw away)
  • I would strongly avoid those massive art kits that people often give to beginner artists
    • these kits are usually made only for the holiday season and likely don’t have the highest quality of materials (I’ve gotten several of these over the years and I hate to say it but I haven’t used any for more than a week)
  • Bags, organizers, storage cases while seemingly simple are very practical and usually appreciated by any artist
  • Another safe option is reference books or books for inspiration!

The best gifts for artists who draw are drawing utensils or materials from the brands they already use*, bags, organizers, storage cases, inspiration, reference, or concept books from their favorite artist.

Affordable Essentials Gifts for Artists

Drawing Supplies

Drawing supplies are probably the most common, most affordable, and the most practical gifts for anyone who loves drawing so we will break them down into different categories.


Pencil Set

A quality pencil set is always a great simple gift for anyone who loves drawing. I recommend going with a high quality set since they are pretty cheap.

Also I’d strongly recommend that the pencil set include a nice range of different pencil grades – if you’re not familiar with these checkout the quick table below (or our full post here):

PurposePencil Grades
Light marks/Fine details9H, 8H, 7H, 6H
Initial sketches5H, 4H, 3H, 2H
SketchesH, HB, F, 2B
Soft Shading  3B, 4B, 5B
Dark Shading6B, 7B, 8B, 9B

Mechanical Pencil

Mechanical pencils are another great option – especially if you know they like to draw really fine detail. You can go with a set like the one shown above or a single mechanical pencil – again be sure to check out their drawing tool preference!

Blending Stumps/Tortillons

Blending stumps were a game changer for me in my own drawings. They let you easily add subtle shading and help transition between shades. Even for beginners I think they are a great option to help with learning to shade.

For an example (even though the first drawing is in charcoal and the second is in graphite*), check out my improvement in my own drawings after I started using blending stumps:

Nov 2016
March 2017

Eraser Set

While they may not seem like it, erasers can make a big difference in someone’s drawing. Having an eraser to remove graphite without ripping the page or a kneaded eraser to add the perfect highlight to a drawing can make all the difference.

Nose sketch by me using a kneaded eraser
(see full post here)

Electric Eraser

Electric erasers make it easier to erase graphite without putting to much pressure or elbow grease into it. If you’re constantly tearing your paper when erasing, an electric eraser can definitely help you out. They make a great gift for any graphite drawing artist.

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Another “nice-to-have” and affordable gift for any drawing artist is a pencil sharpener. While there are other options for sharpening pencils, electric pencil sharpers save you the effort and get a perfect tip nearly every time.


Fineliner Pens

If the artist you are buying gifts for likes to use pens, you really can’t beat fineliner pens like those above from Sakura.

While I don’t use pens heavily for my own art work, I like them a lot for journaling or bullet journaling. These pens just glide and leave that nice dark ink on the page.

Fountain Tip Pen

Fountain tip pens can definitely get pricier, but if you’ve ever used one they just feel higher quality. Again, check to see if the person you are buying for likes to draw with pen or likes to use them for journaling, but these are a great affordable gift to consider.

Colored Pencil Set 

If colored pencils are favored by the artist you’re buying for, you really can’t get better than Prismacolor.

Whereas other colored pencils break easily and lack vividness (like those from generic brands), Prismacolor, Arteza, and Castle Art are some of the best.

Marker Set

Colored markers are another good gift idea if the artist you’re buying for likes the medium. Colored markers are just fun and vivid on the page. These can be used perfectly with an adult coloring book or for the detailed artist.

Water Color Set

Now we are really getting away from the classic graphite medium for most artists, but these last couple options are some I wanted to include just incase the gifts you are looking for expand to other mediums.

Water color is perfect for light, breezy works of art. So those who are skilled with graphite or charcoal should find the transition easy. They are also a nice transition before getting into acrylic or oil based paint.

Acrylic Paint Set

Acrylic paint sets offer a nice option without as much of the fuss of oil painting. If you suspect the person you are buying for is venturing into paint acrylic is a great option.

Keep in mind paint tubes can get expensive every quickly so they are always a great gift for any avid painter.

Oil Paint Set

Oil paint is the traditional medium for some of the old masters. If you think of any great work of art, it is usually done with oil paint, but with that comes expense and more requirements (like paint solvent, linseed oil, paint brushes, palette knives, palette, oil paint cleaner).

I have linked oil paint tubes above, but I’d also recommend buying paint brushes and the other items mentioned if you know you’re buying for a budding oil painter.



Anyone who is an avid drawer can never get a enough sketchbooks so this sketch pad from Strathmore is one of the most simple and practical gifts for any drawing artist.

If you know the artist’s preferred medium, you can check our table below to get the correct paper for them:

Best for Graphite:Strathmore Medium Drawing PadCheck Price on Amazon
Best for Charcoal (Newsprint):Strathmore 300 SeriesCheck Price on Amazon
Best Toned Paper:Clairefontaine 96004CCheck Price on Amazon
Best for Acrylic Painting:Royal LangnickelCheck Price on Amazon
Best for Watercolor:Winsor & NewtonCheck Price on Amazon
Best for Tracing:BachmoreCheck Price on Amazon
this table is taken from our post on the best paper for drawing here

Small Moleskine Hardcover Sketchbook

If the artist you’re buying for prefers smaller drawing works a moleskin hardcover is the way to go. I like to keep one of these on me at all time for journaling, notes, and quick drawings.

I can’t imagine any artist not appreciating this gift.

I would just make sure you confirm you are buying the right size (items always appear smaller in person*)

Vintage Leather Journal

Lastly, if you know the “giftee” has a flair for style or for vintage items, a vintage looking journal is a great option.

You can never have enough journals and sketchbooks. Plus these are cheap and make a good gift for an artists gift basket.

Drawing Accessories

Pen and Pencil Pouch

I know I’m not the only one who has a cluttered art desk with too many drawing utensils strewn about.

Any artist could use a utensil pouch to both organize their home art desk and more easily take their drawing accessories to go.

Pencil Holder

In addition to a pouch to go, a pencil holder is another very practical gift that can be used by any artist.

Simple and serving its purpose it just makes it easier to keep all pencils and paint brushes in one spot.

LED Desk Lamp

Another practical item for those late night drawing artists is a high quality desk lamp with a high quality bulb.

Being able to angle your light source and not have get in the way of your drawing and shading is always a big plus.

Artist Bridge

A more uncommon gift but one that will definitely be appreciated is an artists bridge. These will help them draw without smudging their work with their hand.

While these do take a bit to get used to they are definitely helpful.

Drawing Books

Instructional Drawing Books

I personally used this book when I got back into drawing as an adult. While I didn’t find all of exercises as helpful as others, it truly helped provide guidance and inspiration when I decided to get back into drawing at 25 years old.

Read More: Check out our other recommended best drawing books for beginners

Inspirational Books

Every artists has dealt with artists block – which is why I recommend the above book to anyone who is struggle for what to draw for their next work of art.

Looking at other works of art and checking out books like the one above can help get your brain moving again and can help your “giftee” never be stumped for ideas.

Fictional Books

Coloring Books

My wife loves these adult coloring books. There’s just something so soothing to coloring – it immediately takes you back to your childhood and can definitely hep re-ignite your artist spark.

These make a great gift for any drawing artist who just wants to get back into the groove of creating and drawing.

Reference Books

I’m a big fan of figure and portrait drawing – especially in graphite and charcoal. Having a solidy anatomy reference book is priceless for any drawer who like to draw figures and the human body.

I’ve used this book countless times when learning and practicing to draw anatomy as well as getting ideas for my own drawings.

Manga/Comic Books

Kingdom Come (drawn by Alex Ross and written by Mark Waid)

If you know the artist you’re buying for loves manga and comics, getting them a hardbound compilation of either is an excellent idea. Whether the giftee is a fan of darker manga like Berzerk or the clean and classic work of Alex Ross drawn comics, I can’t image any art lover not appreciating the endless art found in manga and comics.

Unique Apparel for Art Lovers

iPhone Case

While the phone case will of course depend upon their phone version, any classical art lover would surely appreciate a phone case from their favorite artist.

This is another small, simple, and affordable gift to consider for someone who draws.

Phone tripod holder

If you know the person you’re buying for likes to record the drawing process a phone holder is a great option to consider.

I like to record my shading process to watch how a drawing comes alive with a little bit of shading, and I’ve used phone tripod holder just like this one to record it.

Artsy Mug

Another fun artsy apparel item is a coffee mug. If you know that they enjoy a good cup of coffee while drawing (like me) this is the perfect gift.

Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are another very affordable gift option for the drawer who likes to accessorize. There are literally endless pins, but if you gift them a pin from their favorite artwork you can’t go wrong.

Smudge Guard Glove

Another often forgotten gift for drawing artists is a smudge guard glove. While totally not necessary for drawing, I’d label it under a “nice-to-have” gift.

It can be used on a variety of different surfaces such as sketch book, drawing tablet, or with ink.

Art Shirts

Shirts with artsy designs or sayings are always an option….pretty sure you can find a shirt for almost any hobby.

While not very practice in terms of creating art, if you know their size and preferred style a art inspired shirt is always a decent option.

Premium Gifts

Art Portfolio

While an art portfolio may not be the most fun gift, it is certainly practical, especially if you’re buying for someone who wants to keep their drawings in excellent condition.

Quick tip: I’d be sure to check the size of the portfolio and make sure you get the one with the correct size for the type of art they create.

Artist Tote bag

Another practical accessory is an art inspired tote bag. If they are in school or frequently carrying their drawings and art supplies around a solid tote bag is a must have.

Plus you can find all different kinds of art inspired tote bags like the one above (my wife has way too many at this point).

Dimmable LED Light Box

Light boxes are used for tracing and are best used with tracing paper. When tracing drawings and illustrations its very nice to have.

While I don’t think this is the post to fully comment on whether or not tracing should be allowed in art, light boxes and tracing can certain help you get a better grasp of placement, spacing, and layout.

Drawing Prints

You can find endless art and drawing prints online, and they definitely make a great gift for someone who likes to draw.

Read More: If you’re interested in finding the best places to buy art online – check out here post here with over 60 sites listed and reviewed

Drafting Table

Drafting tables are another decent gift option for drawers. If you know they spend hours hunched over a regular desk, a drafting table can help them now be hunched over an angled drawing table instead…

In all seriousness, a drafting table is definnitely nice to have, especially if it includes a rule like the one above.

If the person you are buying for like to drawing intricate architecture or automotive drawings a drafting table is a great gift.

Drawing Boards

Drawing boards are another great option especially for an art student.

While I didn’t go to art school or take really any art classes during my traditional schooling years, I did take an art class once and a drawing board was on the requirements for the class.

So it makes a great gift for artists who draw as well as art students.

Heated Hand Massage Mitts

If the artist you’re buying for is anywhere above 30, I can guarantee there hands have hurt from time to time due to their long hours drawing day in and day out.

While definitely a more premium gift, a hand massaging mitt makes a nice thoughtful option for any artist who draws.

Luxury Gifts for Artists

Digital Art Supplies

Drawing Tablets

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch

An iPad with an Apple pencil (see below) is an often overlooked but excellent option for someone getting into digital art. Apple produces are of course on the pricier side so I would be prepared to drop a good amount of money on this gift.

Next, you are limited to iOS apps only – however Procreate is a perfect option for someone to draw freehand on their iPad.

(if you plan to use a windows exclusive program, consider checking out some of the tablets below that connect to your computer)

Huion Kamvas 13 Pro (Electronic Drawing Tablet/Pad)

I didn’t think I’d like drawing on an electronic device like a drawing pad but I was eventually forced to in order to make art and content for this site.

Honestly, I have to say, it translates very well from drawing with a pencil and paper.

While electronic drawing pads are definitely a luxury gift for artists who draw, if you think they would be open to drawing in the digital age, a drawing pad is the way to go.

Quick Tip: Keep in mind that this drawing pad has to be used with a computer or laptop (if you want to draw electronically without connection to a computer you should go with a tablet)

Wacom Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet

Wacom drawing tablets are on the more expensive end but are generally used by all the pro’s.

If the giftee is interested in diving into digital art and you’re not too concerned about cost a drawing table from Wacom is an excellent choice.

Again, keep in mind it will need to be connected to a computer.

Digital Pen

A digital pen is a must have for anyone drawing digitally.

These are actually pretty affordable when considering the cost of their counterpart (drawing tables/iPads).

You can go with the apple style or one of the other brands out there – again, these are cheap and most serve their purpose pretty well.


Procreate Brush Set

So within the Procreate app there are a ton of different types of brushes – some are free and some cost money.

If you know the person you’re buying for likes procreate gifting them a new brush set is a very niche gift but can be perfect with enough research on your end.

I’m personally a fan of the MaxPack brush set – but again this gift is very niche but a nice bonus if you’re buying them an iPad for drawing.

Tablet Holder

Serving a similar purpose to a drawing pad, a tablet holder is a very nice add on gift for someone who you know loves drawing on their ipad or tablet.

These are also pretty affordable and will definitely make drawing easier for anyone who prefers digital drawing.

 Screen Protector

One last bonus gift to consider for those drawing on an iPad is a screen protector. An affordable gift for those who draw – a screen protector is a decent option.

If i was to buy a couple gifts for someone who prefers to draw on an iPad I would definitely include a screen protector, stylus, smudge glove, and maybe a Procreate brush set.

3D Pen

The last physical gift on our list is a 3D pen.

These are are becoming more and more popular especially for someone who likes to draw. While these may be a novel but fun gift for a younger artist, its something I wanted to add on this list as its creative and can definitely be fun to play with.

Online Classes

Lastly, online classes are a great option for someone who loves drawing and art and wants to improve. While time spent drawing will always be the number one factor in how quickly you improve, online or in person classes can help provide some much needed guidance.

Some good options for online classes are:

  • Udemy
  • Skillshare
  • Masterclass

Bonus Options:

  • Gift Card for their Favorite Art Store
    • if you know their preferred art store, a gift card is always a decent option
  • Finally, it you are artist yourself you can always create some original art to gift them!

Our Top Tips for Finding the Best Gifts for Someone Who Draws

Skill Level

How far along are they in their drawing or art journey?

  • If they are a beginner, you can’t go wrong with the essentials:
    • drawing tools
    • sketchbooks/pads
    • or even drawing guide books
  • If they are more intermediate, you can go with buying something for inspiration like
    • drawing or art printers of their favorite artist
    • guide books on how to draw a specific style (realistic, anatomy, comic style)

What Do They Like to Draw

Next, consider what they like to draw if they have been drawing for some time or what style they may be gravitating towards.

Maybe they like drawing fantasy or sci-fi, so a good guide book on drawing fantasy creatures would be great or maybe some inspiration from well known fantasy artists like Frank Frazetta or Boris Vallejo.

What Art Do They Like? (Who Are Their Favorite Artists?)

Along the similar line of thought – what do they like?

  • What kind of art do they like?
  • Who are some of their favorite artists?

What’s their Preferred Medium

Next up is a more practical consideration – in what medium do they prefer:

  • graphite
  • charcoal
  • ink
  • markers
  • acrylic
  • oil
  • digital

If you know their drawing medium, you can head down the right path of buying something that fits with that medium.

Consider What They May Already Own

If they’ve been drawing for any amount of time, you can almost guarantee that they have the essentails already.

So here’s where you can consider other options like:

  • buying more of what they like
  • gift cards to their favorite art store
  • or even considering a new medium (like iPad/procreate for digital art creation)

Check with Those Closest to Them

Checking with close friends or family members should be one of the first things you do when buying gifts for someone who likes to draw.

They should be your first spot to get initial opinions and where to aim next.

Lastly, several options for you to consider:

  • Practicality
    • is the object of practical use to them?
  • Affordability
    • what’s your budget?
  • Quality
    • what’s the quality of the item?

What Are the Best Gifts for a Beginner Drawer?

The best gift for a beginner drawer are drawing utensils (pencils, pens), canvas (sketchbook, pad), erasers, smudging stick, and a beginner drawing book.

Our Top Creative Gift Ideas for Artists

Some unique and creative gift ideas for artists are:

  • Art you made yourself (even something simple like a collage!)
  • Tickets to a museum or art exhibit that they like
  • Gift card for their favorite art store (not very creative but veryy practical)
  • Lightbox or Tracing Pad
  • Digital Drawing Tablet (Brands like Wacom, Huion, and XP-Pen offer great options ranging from beginner to professional)
  • Customized Sketchbook: Websites allow you to personalize sketchbooks with a name or a favorite image on the cover.
  • Rotring Rapidograph Technical Drawing Pens: Precise pens that can provide a unique drawing experience different from standard pens.
  • 3D Pen: Allows artists to bring their sketches to life in three dimensions.
  • Handmade Paper: A unique texture and experience for the artist, and it’s not something they might buy for themselves regularly.
  • Ergonomic Artist Gloves: These help reduce friction when drawing on digital tablets.
  • Art Subscription Boxes: Monthly boxes that deliver new and unique art supplies regularly.
  • Travel-Friendly Drawing Set: A compact kit that includes essential drawing supplies for on-the-go.
  • Japanese Brush Pens: They offer a unique drawing experience, allowing for both delicate and bold lines.
  • Pencil Extenders (Allows the artist to use every bit of their favorite pencil)
  • Adjustable Drawing Desk: An ergonomic drawing table that can be angled for comfort.
  • Art Book from a Favorite Game or Movie: Concept art books can be incredibly inspiring for artists.
  • Personalized Pencil Case: A durable, artist-friendly pencil case with their name or a favorite quote.
  • Copic Markers: While somewhat common, they’re a luxury item for many artists due to their cost but are prized for their quality.
  • Virtual Art Classes: From platforms like Skillshare or MasterClass, with professional artists teaching their craft.
  • Color Wheel Clock: A functional and decorative item for their studio.
  • Hand Massager: Drawing can be taxing on the hands; a massager can help relieve strain.
  • Sketch Wallet: A wallet with a built-in sketchbook, allowing them to draw whenever inspiration strikes.
  • Artist’s Model Hand: A posable hand model to help with drawing hand poses.
  • Tattoo Pens: They can create temporary tattoos based on their drawings.
  • Personalized Stamps: Based on their signature or logo, allowing them to stamp the back of their artwork.
  • Digital Software: If they’re into digital art or want to explore it, software like Procreate (for iPad) or Clip Studio Paint might be perfect.
  • Moleskine Art Watercolor Album: A pocket-sized album made with watercolor paper, allowing artists to sketch with a variety of mediums on the go.
  • Scented Drawing Pencils: Adds a unique sensory experience to their drawing process.

What Are Some Unique Gifts for Art Students?

Some good ideas for art students are:

  • bags
  • organizers
  • portfolios
  • journals
  • sketchbooks

I’d probably avoid trying to buy consumables or utensils since they likely have a specific brand of materials that they prefer. So the above are more safer options.

Other Questions about Gifts for Artists (FAQ)

What Is a Good Gift for a Girl Who Likes to Draw?

  • A high-quality sketchbook (always a good go to)
  • Set of professional drawing pencils
  • How-to drawing books tailored to her interests (e.g., manga, portraits, animals)
  • Drawing tablet for digital art, such as a Wacom tablet
  • Personalized pencil case

What Do You Buy an Artist for Christmas?

  • Again, high-quality art supplies tailored to their medium (watercolors, oils, acrylics, etc.).
  • An easel or adjustable table for painting or drawing
  • Books on art theory or the history of art or about their favorite artists
  • Gift cards to art supply stores
  • A portfolio case or storage solution for their works.

What Should You Gift a Painter?

  • A set of professional brushes (of their preferred brand)
  • Quality paints in their preferred medium and brand* (oil, acrylic, watercolor).
  • Canvases or quality paper (again, depending on the medium).
  • A palette or mixing tray
  • An artist apron or smock

What Do You Get an Aspiring Painter?

  • Introductory painting kits
  • Books on painting techniques
  • Classes or workshops on painting
  • Membership or entry to local art museums or galleries
  • A beginner’s easel

What Should You Bring as a Gift for an Artist at a Gallery Opening?

A bit trickier but still related to gifts for artists. During an artists gallery opening you can consider some of the below options:

  • A bouquet of flowers
  • A personal, handwritten note or card congratulating them
  • A gift card to an art supply store
  • Art-related books or magazines
  • Wine or a gourmet gift basket
  • A thoughtful personal gift (if you know the artist well)

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