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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at LateNightPortrait is to provide useful, in-depth information and guides for any one interested in getting into art at any age. By providing fully researched and detailed information on common art topics and questions, we want to give back to the art community since it has given so much to us!

What Is LateNightPortrait

LateNightPortrait is an art blog focused on both drawing and painting with a strong emphasis on figure and portrait drawing as well as detailed art related product reviews. We research our art topics utilizing real data, hands on art experience, and detailed product reviews. Visit the blog here.

With LateNightPortrait, if you are beginner or someone considering diving into art at any age we want to help out and see you succeed and have fun along your art journey

Our specialization can be summed up with trying to help you improve faster when attempting to draw or paint the hardest subjects (which we believe are people).

Other areas we have expertise in:

  • Graphite/Charcoal Drawing
  • Acrylic/Oil Painting
  • Art Supplies
  • How to improve your drawing or painting faster

Our Story

Zack Nicholas is the creator of While he spent many late nights drawing as a teenager and young adult, he chose a sensible degree in college and put any art aspirations on old.

After graduating college and getting a job in IT, he felt unfulfilled and thought about how much he enjoyed drawing and painting in his younger years.

At the ripe age of 28 he decided to dive back into art full force and dedicate several hours each day to trying to learn art to the best of his ability.

After ~2-3 years of consistent practice, he felt somewhat satisfied with the drawings and paintings he was creating. Ultimately, he was blown away that he was able to ever finish a decent work of art since he spent so much time away from it.

By practicing daily and focusing on drawing what he finds most rewarding, he became a strong believer that anyone can learn to draw and paint any age which was all the motivation he needed to start this site.

  • LateNightPortrait also has an Instagram that includes some art work by Zack Nicholas
  • Our Instagram handle is @LateNightPortrait
  • Anybody with a specific questions for us can contact us through one of our social media channels or through our contact page which can be found here.
  • We can also be contacted via phone or video call by request.
  • Our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy can also be found on the footer of any of our pages.

Zack Nicholas came up with the website/company name “LateNightPortrait” to represent all those late nights that are spent after work lost in drawing and painting.

About the Team

Zack Nicholas is the creator and main author/editor for all of the articles on this blog. All of our team members help with researching, writing, and business operations that help us produce the most valuable content for our readers.

Zack Nicholas


Zack Nicholas is a fan of big headphones and detailed shading. When not wearing drawing or painting, he can be found going for walks with his wife, training jiu jitsu, and attempting (and often failing) to train his dog.

Ren Davis

Chief Researcher and Chief Artist

Ren is the long standing Chief Content Creator and Chief Artist for LateNightPortrait. Ren is an artist who has been drawing from the moment she could pick up a pencil. If she’s not on her computer or stuck with a book, she’s drawing and or thinking about drawing. She’s also a computer science student with an addiction to video games and comic books.

Phone, Address & Email:

  • LateNightPortrait
  • Email:
  • Phone: (760) 765-5503
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Address: PO Box 134 Julian, CA 92036

Our process for reviews

Our review process for art materials and supplies involves researching the products in a specific category and selecting the ones we believe are the best options for our readers. Whenever possible we will purchase and use the art materials and apparel personally to better provide our full unbiased reviews.

We review art supplies like pencils, pens, sketchbooks, and everything in between.

We test and use these items hands on whenever possible and also review customer feedback and comments from other websites and social media platforms to get a well-rounded understanding of each product. We also hire a professional to test out the products we advise. We have a high standard when it comes to this and do not recommend a product that we do not 100% stand by.

How are ratings determined?

We use several criteria to rate the products, including quality, durability, ease of use, as well as other pros and cons . We aim to provide a unique, valuable, and unbiased perspective on each art related product for our customers.

How we perform our research for informational articles

Our team researches, collects data, analyzes and reports on art supplies and art related topics in extreme detail.

Our process for researching the blog posts and articles on our website goes as follows:

  • Defining the question or product need: The first step in researching a topic is to define the need that the art related product is trying to fill. This helps to focus the research and guide the selection of relevant sources in terms of how effective the product is and if it actually fills that need.
  • Conducting a review: A review involves searching for and reviewing existing research on the topic usually in the form of reviews or conducted through personal use of the art supplies or material. This helps to identify gaps in the existing research and provide better, more detailed reviews.
  • Developing a research design: The research design outlines the methods and procedures that will be used to collect and analyze data in order to answer the research questions.
  • Collecting data: Data can be collected through various methods, such as surveys, reviews, observations, or interviews. The choice of method depends on art related item and its intended use.
  • Analyzing data: Once the data has been collected (usually from multiple review sources), it must be analyzed in order to draw conclusions and answer the research questions. This may involve sorting through 100s or 1000s of reviews to reach common themes and pros/cons of that specific item
  • Reporting results: The final step in the research process is to report the results of research in a clear and concise manner. This typically involves writing a manuscript and submitting it to an industry expert or the founder (Zack Nicholas) for review and publication of art supplies..

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