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Best Pens for Drawing (Full Guide and Reviews)

Different Types of pens (Best Pens for Drawing)

Here is our guide for the best drawing pens

Pens for artists shouldn’t be hard to find but with so many types of pens like archival pens, inking pens, ballpoint pens, not to mention a variety of pen brands it definitely can be difficult.

If all you want is a good pen for art that helps you create fine lines, dark details, and excellent shading you’ve come to the right place.

We will break down the best drawing pens for fine line black work, colored pens for vibrant art works as well as the different types of pens out there. 

“Personally, I’m especially fond of fine liner pens that really help me control the size and shape of my lines as well as where I’m placing my details.”

Best Drawing Pens – At a Glance

Best Overall Black Pen: SAKURA Pigma Micron Fineliner Pens

Best Brush Pens (Black): Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Pen

Best for Detailed, Colored Artwork: Shuttle Art Fineliner Colored Pens

Best for Coloring: Piochoo Dual Brush Marker Colored Pens

Table of Contents

    Which Type Of Pen Is Best For Drawing?

    Fineliner pens like these Sakura Pigam Micron Fineliner Pens are the best pens for drawing if you are looking to create dark, detailed works of art. 

    Fineliner pens that use archival ink are perfect for the detailed artist who are looking to create fine, elegant drawings that will last and not bleed. 

    If you are looking for colored pens for drawing, some of our favorites are Shuttle Art Fineliner Pens. These, again, are fineliner pens that are colored that offer the ability to be precise and detailed with your colored drawing.

    Best Drawing Pens for Beginners 

    1. SAKURA Pigma Micron Fineliner Pens

    SAKURA Pigma Micron Fineliner Pens - set of six


    • Waterproof (great for working with watercolor or water-based mediums)
    • Creates precise lines in different sizes
    • Very pigmented


    • Does bleed on some types of paper at times
    • Prints in the barrel quickly fade off 

    2. Mr. Pen- Drawing Pens

    Mr. Pen- Drawing Pens


    • Waterproof (great for working with watercolor or water-based mediums)
    • Very fine tips
    • More cheaper than other brands
    • Includes two brush marker pens


    • Ink rans out/dries quickly

    3. iBayam Colored Pens

    iBayam Colored Pens


    • Great variety of vibrant colors
    • Pretty thin tips yet marks very well
    • Slim in size (easy to hold)


    • Ink rans out/dry quickly
    • Slim in size (some might find it hard to hold)

    4. Piochoo Dual Brush Marker Colored Pens

    Piochoo Dual Brush Marker Colored Pens


    • Dual tips per pen (fine point and brush)
    • Can create fine and broad strokes
    • The brush tip is excellent for coloring 


    • Does bleed through some paper
    • Does fade at some point in time

    5. Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Pen

    Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Pen


    • Includes soft and hard brush tips
    • Best for practicing calligraphy
    • Available in different vibrant colors


    • Not waterproof (may smudge when used with other water-based mediums)

    6. Shuttle Art Fineliner Colored Pens

    Shuttle Art Fineliner Colored Pens


    • Comes in a sturdy and organized box
    • Lightweight
    • Wide variety of colors
    • Best for coloring


    • Some nibs might be rough at times

    7. Precision Micro-Line Pens

    Precision Micro-Line Pens


    • Waterproof
    • Archival
    • Great variety of tip sizes
    • Easy yo use with watercolor


    • Some pens dry out quickly
    • Black ink might be lighter when dry

    What Are Some Common Pens for Drawing

    Uni Pin Pens 

    Uni Pin Drawing Pens/6 Assorted Tip Sizes

    Uni Pin Fineliner Pens are excellent markers with smooth ink flow and water resistance. They are also light resistant, which means they are fade-proof and usually smear-proof. They have fibre and metal-clad tips of 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.8mm, suitable for working with rulers in making straight marks or lines.

    Archival pens

    SAKURA Pigma Micron Fineliner Pens - Archival Black Ink Pens

    Archival pens are specialized to make markings on archival-quality paper that will survive very long. They come in various types, including ballpoint, gel, and marker pens, and are available in a wide range of colors. The Sakura Micron Pen is an archival pen containing acid-free, waterproof, and fade-resistant ink used by many artists, mainly to preserve their works.

    Ballpoint Pens

    BEILUNER Luxury Rosewood Ballpoint Pen

    Ballpoint pens are a writing tool that dispenses ink onto papers or other writing materials using a tiny revolving ball at the tip, allowing for a consistent ink flow. Ballpoint pens are known for their ease of use, durability, and convenience. The Beiluner ballpoint pen is classic and sleek, with a 0.5mm medium point that makes drawing and writing easy and smooth. 

    Rolling Ball Pens

    Liquid Ink Rolling Ball Stick Pens

    Rolling ball pens have the same way of distributing ink to paper as Ballpoint pens do. This Rolling ball pen we recommend comes in various colors and has a 0.5 mm needle tip with an output regulator, allowing consistent flow without putting too much pressure. One of the main advantages of rolling ball pens is their versatility. They can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, plastic, and even glossy or coated materials.

    Felt Tip Pens

    Lelix Felt Tip Pens

    Felt tip pens are a kind of pen with a porous or felt tip that is used to discharge ink. They are also known as marker pens and porous point pens. The tip comprises thousands of tiny fibers that absorb and dispense the ink, resulting in a smooth and even ink flow. The Lelix felt tip pen comes in a medium tip that is very pigmented and quick drying, perfect for both detailing and filling. 

    Brush Pens

    Caliart 34 Double Tip Brush Pens Art Markers

    Brush pens are writing and drawing tools with a flexible tip resembling a paintbrush, allowing smooth and precise strokes. The pressure on the pen tip determines the line width and style. They are best used in calligraphy and drawings. The Caliart Double tip brush pens have a dual tip- one being the brush and the other being fine. The brush tips are ideal for shading and coloring large areas of your drawing. 

    Fountain Pens

    Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib

    Fountain pens consist of a nib- a streamlined stainless steel extra fine metal tip that touches the paper, and an ink reservoir. Stylish and long-lasting, not to mention providing a one-of-a-kind writing experience, fountain pens are highly sought after by writers and artists everywhere. However, fountain pens also require more maintenance and care than other types of writing instruments. 

    Gel Pens

    Gel Ink Pen Extra fine point pens

    Gel ink pens are writing tools that employ gel ink, water-based ink thicker than conventional ballpoint or rollerball ink. As a result of the ink’s thickness and opacity, it is more visible on glossy surfaces than the ink used in ballpoint or felt-tip pens. The liquid gel ink dries fast, is smear-proof, and is known for its smooth and vibrant lines. It has a 0.35 mm medium point, suitable for random sketching or drawings.

    Paint Pens

    ZEYAR Premium Acrylic Paint Pen

    Paint pens produce oil or water-based paint instead of ink. Paint pens come in various colors and sizes, offering thick paint that is water- and fade-resistant. The Zeyar premium acrylic paint pen (water-based) is all of that and is good on many surfaces, including paper, rock painting, ceramics, canvas painting, and more.

    What To Look For In Professional Drawing Pens 

    When looking for professional drawing pens to fulfil your creative requirements with the maximum possible quality and performance, there are several essential aspects that you will need to take into consideration. These are some important characteristics to watch out for:

    ArchivalProfessional pens for drawing must be made with archival-quality materials and built to withstand the test of time without fading or discoloring. If you want to sell or show your artwork, this is a crucial consideration.
    Tip point size and shapeThe tip of the pen must be very fine and precise so that you can do line work that is both precise and thorough. Smaller tip sizes, such as 0.1 mm or 0.2 mm, are ideal for detailed and intricate work. Medium tip sizes, such as 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm, are suitable for drawing or sketching. The larger tip sizes, such as 1.0 mm, create bolder lines. The shape of the tip, which might be a bullet, chisel, or brush tip, can also differ depending on your preference and the tasks you want to use it.
    Ink TypeProfessional pens for drawing often use pigment ink since it lasts longer, doesn’t bleed or smear like a dye-based ink, is waterproof, and creates a thicker ink.
    Ink ColorLook for pens for drawing with various colors to suit your artistic style and needs. Also, look for a pen that does not go lighter when it dries, especially the black one.
    Smudge ResistantSelect pens for drawing that are resistant to fading if you want your artwork to have its original brilliance and color even after some time has passed.
    Comfort and GripDuring lengthy sketching sessions, choosing pens for drawing that are comfortable to handle and have a good grip is essential. This feature will help you avoid hand soreness while maintaining your accuracy.
    Water-proofWaterproof or water-resistant pens are great companions to watercolors and ink washes. Also, they last far longer and are much more sturdy than conventional pens.
    Bleed-proofPens for drawing that do not allow the ink to spread or bleed through the paper produce clear and recognizable lines.
    Brand ReputationChoose pens from reputable brands, as they have earned the trust of many artists. Thus, they are known for their quality and performance.
    Pack/Amount of PensTake into account both the number of pens that come in the package and the price per each pen. Some sets may have a broad range of colors and tip sizes too.

    Other Drawing Pens to Consider:

    Different types of pens

    Which sketch pen is best for sketching?

    When sketching, there are many different pens to choose from. One popular option, the Sakura Micron pen, is still our top pick, which comes in various sizes and features a fine tip for precise lines. But remember, sketching is done with quick, light strokes and can be done as a warm-up or an outline. You can choose any pen you like if you are comfortable using it.

    Which black pen is best for drawing?

    Black pens are one of the essential drawing materials for beginners so you will be needing the best one to offer you a good drawing experience. The Sakura Pigma Micron and the Uni Pin fine liner are great options for black pens. Both of these pens employ pigment ink, which produces results that are long-lasting and waterproof. The fine tips allow for intricate work.

    Best Pens for Drawing Cartoons 

    When it comes to drawing cartoons, having pens that are versatile and can produce solid and expressive lines is essential. Some popular options for cartoonists include the Copic Multiliner pen, the Staedtler Pigment Liner, and some other gel pens. 

    Best Coloring Pens for Artists 

    For artists looking for pens to use for coloring, several great options are available. I recommend pens with dual tips to color small and large areas. The Tombow Dual Brush pen and Copic Sketch marker are also good choices, with a brush tip on one end and a fine tip on the other. 

    Uni Pin Fineliner Drawing Pens

    Because of its fine tip and pigment ink that is waterproof and resistant to fading, the Uni Pin fine liner is a is one of the popular pens for drawing and sketching. Since it is available in several sizes, ranging from 0.1 mm to 0.8 mm, the Uni Pin is a medium that you can use with a wide range of line weights and styles.

    Japanese Drawing Pens 

    The accuracy and quality of Japanese pens for drawing are well-known worldwide. The Pentel Pocket Brush pen and the Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush pen are two examples of famous sketching pens they produce aside from Sakura.

    Best Fountain Pen for Drawings

    While they are more often associated with calligraphy and handwriting, you may also use fountain pens for drawing. While drawing with a fountain pen, it is essential to use a pen that has a fine nib size to be able to draw lines and details that are very precise. The Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen, or Platinum Carbon Pen DP-800S Extra Fine, is another excellent option.

    Best Drawing Pen Brands

    Some of the best brands that consistently produce high-quality pens for drawing include Faber-Castell, Pen+Gear, Tombow, and Kokuyo Camlin. 

    These brands include a selection of pens with various tip sizes and ink colors, making it possible to draw in different styles and use multiple methods. They are famous for producing pens with nibs that last a long time, ink that flows easily, and ink that does not smear.

    In addition,  the grips and barrels of some of their pens are ergonomically built to lessen the amount of hand discomfort experienced by the user over extended periods spent drawing.

    Best Pens for Drawing – Conclusion

    When choosing the best pens for drawing, consider the ink quality, nib size and shape, and overall durability. Choosing a pen that feels comfortable to hold and allows you to create the type of lines and shapes you desire is also essential.

    Ultimately, the best pen for drawing is a personal choice, as each artist has unique styles and preferences. We recommend trying different pens and experimenting until you find the one that works best for you.

    Furthermore, a discovery call with us might help you to receive personalized recommendations for the best drawing pens to suit your unique style and preferences.

    Thanks for reading, and see you at the next one!

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