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How to Draw a Flower (Easy Tutorials For Beginners)

Here are our step-by-step guides for how to draw a flower.

Being able to draw a simple flower is something that anyone can learn how to do even if they have never attempted drawing before or if they are a beginner

We’ve included several guides for how to draw flowers that include:

  • How to draw a rose
  • How to draw a sunflower
  • How to draw a tulip
  • How to draw a daisy
  • How to draw cherry blossom

These guides are meant to make drawing flowers easy for anyone no matter your skill level or drawing experience.

I remember when I first started drawing, drawing flowers was one of the first things that really inspired me to pursue drawing and art so hopefully they can do the same for you!

Table of Contents

    How do you draw a flower for beginners?

    A flower is one of the best subjects to draw when you’re a beginner as they are easily defined by simple shapes. However, there are many types of flowers out there and they come in different shapes and sizes.

    To draw a simple flower, start by drawing a circle. This circle will be the center of your flower and where you will add the petals.

    You can leave it as a simple circle or add details like frills on the side to be a bit more realistic. After that, add the petals.

    As I said earlier, flowers come in different forms so there are different shapes of petals. But to keep it simple, we will go with the most common petal shape which is round.

    It’s important to measure the size of each petal, that way you can draw them around the flower’s center symmetrically.

    Once, you’ve added the petals, time to draw the stem. Begin by drawing a curved line from your flower to however long you want your stem to be. Add a second line and there you have it, your stem.

    Try not to make the stem too long or too thick as this can affect the balance in your drawing and make it look weird (unless that’s what you’re going for then go for it).

    How do you draw a perfect flower shape?

    As I mentioned earlier, flowers have a variety of forms so there’s no one shape that fits all. But if you’re talking about a circular shape, the best way to get the perfect shape is by utilizing rulers like protractors or compasses.

    If you have neither of those on hand, household objects like plates or lids will do.

    Drawing Materials and Supplies You May Need

    If you are following along with these steps and drawing a flower in pencil you may need the below drawing materials and supplies:

    Pencils: We recommend 2B and 4B pencils
    Erasers:A kneaded eraser is preferred
    Reference image:A detailed reference image
    Sketchbook or paper:Truly any type of paper will do but for graphite drawings,
    we recommend smoother paper like this one from Strathmore
    Tortillon/Blending Stick:this will make blending and creating shades much
    easier and smoother

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    How to Draw Rose

    To draw a rose, start by drawing an oblong. This will be the tip of the rose and the basis for the rest of our drawing.

    Next, add two lines on either side of the oblong going downwards towards the middle. Make sure that the lines don’t intersect and leave a sizable gap in the middle.

    Next, draw a semicircle inside the oblong. Then, inside the semicircle, draw a Y-like curved line.

    Time to add the petals. Petals can be a bit tricky, especially for roses since their petals lay on top of each other. However, if you break it up into pieces, you’ll find that it’s not actually that complicated.

    Just follow the lines in these pictures:

    Lastly, after erasing overlapping lines, draw the stem. The stem is done by creating two crooked lines. Add thorns to make it look realistic as roses are known for their thorns.

    Then, add two leaves just beneath your rose.

    Final product

    How to Draw a Sunflower

    Drawing a sunflower is a lot more simple than drawing a rose, however, you may need a ruler or a protractor for this one to make sure it’s symmetrical.

    Start by drawing one large circle and then a smaller circle inside of it. The smaller circle will be the center of our sunflower and the larger circle will be the guide to help us draw our petals.

    After that, start drawing the petals. Sunflowers have pointed petals so to draw the petals, start from the smaller circle and then draw a downward curve towards the larger circle. Create another curved line and have it meet the tip of the first curve. Repeat the process until you’ve gone full circle and have created the first row of petals.

    Next, in between the gap of each petal, repeat the same process. Make sure the tip doesn’t go beyond the larger circle you drew earlier.

    Don’t forget to add details!

    Lastly, draw two vertical lines beginning from the bottom middle part of the flower for the stem. Around the middle of the stem, draw the leaf.

    Final product

    How to Draw a Tulip

    A tulip is one of the simpler flowers to draw. Similar to the rose, begin by drawing an oblong. This will determine the top part of the tulip.

    Next, draw two lines from either side of the oblong and have it curve downwards towards the middle. Just like with the rose, leave a gap in between, but close the gap at the bottom with a small curve.

    Once you have the shape of the tulip down, draw the petals. From the middle of the tulip’s base, draw two curves going outward. Have it end at the tip of the oblong.

    In between those two curves, add a small arc at the top, just below the oblong. Then add three more arcs on top of that and voila! You have the flower of your tulip!

    Erase the oblong and add details!

    The last step is to draw the stem and the leaf. Tulips have large wavy but pointy leaves that almost cover its stem.

    Final product

    How to Draw a Daisy

    Daisies are one of the most common flowers artists love to draw. Begin with a large circle that will serve as the basis for our petals and then a smaller circle inside for the center of the daisy.

    The petals of a daisy are thin but have rounded tips. Using your bigger circle as a guide, draw the first layer of the petals.

    Between the gaps of those petals, draw the second layer but keep the circle you drew earlier in mind. Don’t forget to add details!

    Next is to add the leaf and the stem. Daisy leaves don’t carry the typical shape of leaves you often see on most flowers. They have jagged edges pointing upwards.

    Final product

    How to Draw a Cherry Blossom

    Cherry blossoms are small flowers that grow on branches. They have a small center and rounded pink petals.

    To draw cherry blossoms, start with the branch first by drawing two crooked lines. Create a few gaps in those lines with your eraser for the flowers.

    Next, add circles next to or on the gaps you’ve created. This will be the basis for our cherry blossoms. To add a bit of variety, you can make some circles small and some big.

    Now, using the circles you drew as a guide, draw the flowers. Start with the big circles.

    To draw the flower, start by locating the middle of the circle. Then divide the circle into three equal parts using lines and draw a small circle in the middle.

    Start drawing the flowers by creating balloon-shaped petals on the lines. Then, between the gaps of those petals, draw arcs to represent the flower’s second layer of petals. Make sure these petals are in line with the circle you drew earlier.

    Next, once you’re done erasing the lines and the initial circle, add details to your flower. At the center of the cherry blossom, add little stems sticking out with a bulb at its very end. Add lines to your petals to make them look more realistic.

    Repeat the process for the others.

    Final product

    How do you draw small flowers?

    Small flowers are easy to draw as they do not require as much detail as your average-sized flower. They also take a lot less time.

    To draw small flowers, simply draw a circle for the center and some rounded petals. Make sure the petals are all of the same sizes so that your drawing won’t seem off.

    Next, add a stem and a leaf! You can create the stem with a simple bold stroke and that would be enough for a small flower.

    If you’d like to know more about how to doodle small flowers, have a quick look at this video:

    Learn to Draw Simple Flowers

    What is the best flower to draw?

    Any flower makes a great subject for art, be it roses or daisies. The most common flower drawn are usually flowers with circular shapes like daisies and sunflowers, but drawing roses and tulips can be a fun subject as well.

    Personally, there’s no choosing what flower is best to draw as it is up to the artist, their skills, and what they want. If you’re looking for a simple and easy flower to draw, pick a flower with a shape that can easily be defined like daisies, sunflowers, and dandelions.

    If you want something a bit more complicated, choose flowers like roses, marigolds, and lotus flowers. Their petals are laid on top of each other making them a bit harder to draw than flowers with petals that are laid out.

    Hope this article helped you in drawing flowers. Thanks for reading!

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