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100+ Cute Things to Draw That Are Easy! (Step by Step Guides Included)

If you’re looking some cute things to draw especially when your bored we have created a 100+ list of cute things to draw.

Drawing is a perfect way to relax after a long day or to spend your weekend mornings getting lost in art.

These drawings are all pretty easy and are a perfect way to express yourself with art and drawing….thanks for stopping by!

Some cute things to draw are animals, plants, food, other objects like balloons, cars, coffee cups, and even cartoon characters.

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Table of Contents

    What Are Some Cute Things to Draw?

    1. Apple

    If you’re looking to draw something cute and easy, try an apple! Apples are great for poisoning princesses with snow-white skin. They also make for a cute doodle on a little notepad or at the back of a notebook.

    Other than that, they have a pretty simple color scheme. Just use and red and green and you have yourself an apple!

    2. Adorable Avocado

    Avocados are not only healthy for you but they’re also easy to draw! Draw a little face on it and you’ll have one adorable avocado.

    Did you know? Avocados are enriched with Vitamin E, making them great for the skin! Celebrate your love for avocados and their anti-aging superpower by doodling them in your notebook. Don’t forget to add a smile!

    3. Adventure Time Crew

    If you’re looking for something more complex but still simple enough to draw and cute enough to fit with your aesthetic, why not try the Adventure Time crew!

    The Adventure Time crew involves Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, BMO, Princess Bubblegum, and Marceline the Vampire Queen. If you want, you can even include the villains and anti-heroes like Lemon Grab, Ice King, or Ricardio.

    The great thing about the Adventure Time characters is that they have relatively simple designs that you can easily copy, especially the main characters.

    4. Alpaca

    Alpacas are a fun group of animals that make for a cute drawing!

    Although they’re often portrayed as spiteful animals who will spit at people for no reason, alpacas only ever really spit at people on rare occasions. Spitting is usually only used towards other alpacas as a defense mechanism.

    So if you feel that alpacas are too mean to be considered cute, think again!

    5. Among Us Ghost

    From the viral and once-popular game Among Us, a nice thing to draw would be the Among Us ghosts!

    The Among Us ghost is a ghost version of your character in Among Us. This happens when you’re stabbed in the back and die in the game.

    As the Among Us character already has a simple design, drawing an Among Us ghost should be pretty easy as it is just an iteration of the character but without legs.

    6. Anime Eyes

    A very simple drawing idea to do is anime eyes! Anime eyes come in different shapes and sizes and all sorts of colors.

    Anime eyes are a great practice tool to work on drawing expressions as they are usually very expressive. If you’d like a detailed step-by-step guide on how to draw different anime eyes (as well as other facial features of anime), have a look at our other article here!

    Link: How to Draw Anime Eyes (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

    7. Animal Faces

    If you find it hard to draw animals and their bodies, you can stick to just drawing their faces! Each animal usually carries unique facial features, some more adorable than others.

    For instance, you can try drawing cat faces! Cat’s are the staple figure of all things cute plus they’re really easy to do!

    Did you know? Anime faces and their structure was largely based on cats. While not all of them were, a large part of anime facial structures were all thanks to cats. This is why anime characters often have large eyes and cute tiny noses.

    8. Baby Yoda

    Speaking of cute drawing ideas, Baby Yoda fits the bill! The character made waves around the internet due to how adorable Baby Yoda is.

    Though it may seem intimidating since Baby Yoda isn’t exactly as simple as, say, drawing an avocado. However, if you look at Baby Yoda’s character design, you’ll find it’s actually quite easy!

    9. Balloons

    Drawing balloons is a great way to make your doodles interesting! They’re easy to do and don’t really take up much time to draw.

    Just make a couple of oval shapes and attach strings to it and you have yourself a set of balloons! You can color them in or leave them in black and white.

    Either way, they’ll look great as decorations on a card or on the corner of a notebook!

    10. Banana

    Bananas are nice and yellow and also end with the word “nana”. If you’re looking for a fun and cute addition to your drawings, draw a banana!

    Just like with the avocado, you can even add a face to it to make it adorable! If you want a reference, try looking at Banana Joe from the cartoon show, Amazing World of Gumball.

    11. Bear

    Bears will make a great addition to your drawings! They’re cute, they’re fluffy, and they come in all sorts of colors (especially if they lived in Care-a-Lot).

    They’re also one of the animals with a simpler design so you don’t have to worry about making all sorts of shapes and curves to draw them. To make it easier, you can choose to draw them in a cartoon style like in the popular show, We Bare Bears.

    12. Cute Bee

    Bees are one of the easiest animals to draw! You can draw them simply by adding a few details on an oval shape.

    Plus they’re pretty adorable! If you draw them beside some flowers, you’ll have yourself one cute drawing.

    13. Bicycle

    If you want something more complicated than a bee then look no further than a bicycle! While bicycles are definitely a lot more complex than a bee, don’t be intimidated by them!

    When you break them down into simple shapes, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier than it looks! You can even give your bicycle a cute basket to put some flowers for a tiny little bee to follow.

    14. Bird

    You can’t draw bees without pairing them with birds. If you’re keen on the theme of animals, add birds to your roster.

    Birds are cute little animals that may or may not take a dump on you depending on how bad your day is. Of course, I’m not talking about the ‘M’ shaped bird (although that should count too), I’m talking about an actual bird with feathers and a smug smile.

    15. Boat

    Another interesting thing to draw would be boats! Be it a yacht or a ship or a pirate ship, it’s up to you! Make it small and cute (or big and terrifying, up to you). You can even draw a bottle around it so you can have a little boat in a bottle!

    16. 3D Box/Cube

    If you want a simpler object to draw, try drawing a 3D box! It takes only three steps and you’re done.

    Don’t like the over simplicity of the box? Give it stickers or color it in whichever way you want! The great thing about simple objects is you can expand it and turn it into something more with just a bit of imagination and creativity.

    17. Bubble Tea

    Want something cute? Draw a bubble tea with a smile on it! Nothing is more adorable than a popular drink with a cute little face on it.

    Bubble Tea is also known as Boba Tea, Pearl Tea, Milk Tea, and many others. It originated in Taiwan and comes in different flavors. So if you decide to draw a Bubble Tea, you can make it as colorful as you want!

    18. Cute Bunny

    You can’t have cute drawings without having a bunny be one of them. Bunnies are known to be one of the cutest animals.

    They’re small, they’re fluffy, and they have big ears. This makes them pretty easy to draw. Just give it some carrots and maybe a few Easter eggs and voila! You’ll have a drawing of a bunny.

    19. Butterfly

    Butterflies are majestic insects. They’re also very pretty and would make for a nice drawing or doodle. They’d look great around the edges of a notebook or paper.

    The cool thing about drawing butterflies is the fact that you can just make up your own design for their wings (unless you’re aiming for realistically accurate butterflies). Go crazy! Make it colorful, add all sorts of shapes on it, make either side of the wing different, it’s up to you really.

    20. Cactus

    Cactuses (Cacti??) have this reputation for being awful plants simply because they have thorns, but honestly, they’re one of the cutest plants to draw out there. They’re also one of the easiest as they’re usually comprised of simple shapes!

    Cacti come in different forms so feel free to choose which type of cactus you wanna draw, but personally, a simple cactus in a pot with a tiny little flower is enough.

    21. Car

    Cars make for a great drawing subject because they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors! You can even make up your own car, make it fly and give it wings, or you can make it really simple and 2D with just two wheels and two colors.

    22. Cat

    Cats are known to be one of the most beloved pets of all time, not only due to their cuteness but also to the entertainment they bring by being cunning and mischievous (and sometimes clumsy) almost all of the time.

    The great thing about cats is they’re so well-known that you don’t even have to try when drawing them! You can literally just draw a blob, add two pointy ears, some big round eyes and whiskers, and you got yourself a cat!

    23. Caterpillar

    Caterpillars rank second to bees as one of the easiest animals to draw. Plus, they’re pretty cute!

    Just draw some circles, give it a little face, and you have yourself a caterpillar. Don’t forget to draw a leaf for the caterpillar to rest and munch on.

    24. Chibi Boy & Girl

    You can’t draw cute things and not include chibis! Chibis are basically a smaller and more adorable version of anime characters. They’re characterized as having small bodies, large heads, and large eyes.

    This is to make the character appear ‘kawaii’ or cute as small things are generally seen as cute.

    25. Chick

    If you’re going on a theme of cute and yellow things then add chicks to your list! Chicks are small and round, making them really easy to draw.

    Try drawing several of them to have a cuteness overload!

    26. Cloud

    A simple and easy drawing to do would be clouds! Clouds also make an interesting decoration or doodle.

    Clouds also come in different forms but the most popular cloud depicted in drawings are cumulus clouds. They’re poofy and a lot easier to draw than other types of clouds.

    You can take it a step further and give your cloud a personality by adding a face and giving it different expressions!

    27. Cup of Coffee

    A cup of coffee makes for a fun little doodle, especially when you give yourself the freedom to design the cup or mug!

    Of course, a simple cup will do, especially if you’re only doodling to pass some time or if you’re going for a minimalist drawing, but personally, I like to add little designs on the cup, often grabbed from movies I like! (This one is from the popular film Knives Out).

    28. Colorful Flower Drawing

    Flowers are great because there are so many types of them in so many colors! You can draw each one of them individually or make a little flower bouquet and paste it on a card to send to one of your loved ones!

    You can also make up your own flower. No one’s judging. Do it, it’ll look amazing. If you don’t want to and just want to stick to actual flowers, have a look at our post here on how to draw different types of flowers!

    Link: How to Draw a Flower (Easy Tutorials For Beginners)

    29. Cookie

    If you’re going down a baked-goods theme drawing then why not start with a cookie? Cookies are very easy to draw, especially chocolate chip cookies!

    Fair warning though, you may feel a slight craving for cookies when you’re drawing them.

    30. Crayon Pack

    As random as it may be, drawing crayon packs may be the fun little splash of color your drawings need! They’re vibrant and colorful plus they’re really easy to do! Add in a face to make it all the more cuter and voila!

    31. Crystals

    Speaking of colorful and fun, crystals would make one spellbinding addition to your drawings! They’re made of geometrical shapes so don’t be intimidated by all the lines and crosses of crystals.

    If you’re planning to add color, try to use more than one shade. Some crystals appear to carry multiple colors but if you’re new to drawing, use only one color but with multiple shades.

    32. Cute Ghost

    Ghosts are often associated with horror and being terrifying but who says they have to be scary? Draw a cute little ghost and have it wander around the sheets of your paper.

    This would be perfect for the month of Halloween!

    33. Cute Hedgehog

    Hedgehogs! Small, cute, and pointy.

    They’re largely associated with the anthropomorphic blue fast-running guy in video games but, if you draw them as hedgehogs, you’ll find that drawing them does not need a working knowledge of anatomy but just faith, trust, and maybe a little bit of pixie dust!

    34. Cute Koala

    Koalas are known to be one of the cutest animals! All they do is hang around tree branches, munch on leaves, and sleep which makes me a little envious.

    That’s why they’d make a perfect subject for drawing! Draw them to remind yourself that you can never be a koala, try as you might.

    35. Cute Whale

    Cuteness is often associated with small and tiny animals but I believe big animals can be cute too! Draw a whale and give it big round eyes and you’ll have yourself an adorable little (big) whale.

    This is perfect if you’re going for an ocean-themed drawing.

    36. Daisy

    Daisies are one of the simpler flowers out there but they’re not any less beautiful!

    Daisies also represent rebirth and hope so if you’re going through a rough patch, draw a daisy to remind yourself that there’s always hope and a chance to grow and become a better version of who you are now.

    37. Dandelion

    Did you know dandelions are considered weeds? That’s kinda wild but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re really pretty and fun to draw.

    They’re also quite simple, just draw a small circle and from that circle, create several lines. At the tip of these lines, make these small chicken-like scratches and you’ll have effortlessly created a dandelion.

    38. Dinosaur

    Dinosaurs are seen as big and scary but to some, they’re just funky little lizards. Add dinosaurs to your drawings to spice things up, and not just any dinosaur, a T-Rex!

    This might scare away any art block that dares to spread from the crevices of your mind to the tips of your pencils.

    39. Donut

    Another entry for your pastry-themed drawings should be donuts! Donuts are one of the easiest things to draw. They’re just a circle with a hole in it. Add some sprinkles and different flavors and you got yourself some donuts!

    40. Elephant

    If you’ve drawn the whale and are interested in pursuing the theme of big but cute animals, draw an elephant!

    Fun fact, elephants have about 150,000 muscle units in their trunks and can contain up to 8 litres of water.

    41. Eyes

    Eyes are every artist’s go-to drawing subject whenever they’re bored. They’re also a great way to study a part of a human facial feature whether you’re doing a more cartoon style eye or realistic eye drawing.

    Eyes come in different shapes and different colors. You can try drawing eyes to get yourself familiar with the human face. Need a step-by-step guide on how to draw eyes? Have a look at our other article here:

    Link: How to Draw Eyes (In 3 Easy Steps)

    42. Flamingo

    Flamingos are one of nature’s prettiest animals. Mostly because they’re pink and you don’t really run into animals in that color often.

    Learning to draw flamingoes, especially during Valentine’s day where you can make them form a cute little heart, might just be the fun little spice your drawing portfolio needs!

    43. Fish

    There are thousands of types of fish out there in the ocean, swimming about and minding their own business. Have them swim into the pages of your artbook by drawing a simple fish! You can add this to the page you drew a whale (if you did) that way) the whale can have some company.

    44. Fox

    Foxes are sly but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re cute little animals that you want to adopt as a pet but because they’re wild animals, you can’t. So just draw them!

    Be careful though, you might find them swiping at something you own, in which case just tell them “No swiping!” and you’ll be fine.

    45. French Fries

    Hungry? Draw french fries! It won’t satisfy your hunger but it will satisfy the need to draw food you know is unhealthy but still consume anyway.

    French fries are pretty easy to draw as they’re mostly just sticks of different sizes. Feel free to add a ketchup packet next to it or a couple of stray fries around it to make it more interesting.

    46. Cute Fried Egg

    On the topic of food and hunger, draw a fried egg to go with those fries. Fried eggs are arguably a lot simpler to do than french fries but cute nonetheless.

    Top it off by giving the egg a happy face.

    47. Frog

    Frogs are neat little animals. Kiss them and they might just turn into a prince! But princes’ are too complicated to draw so just draw an adorable little frog instead.

    You can go with a standard cartoonish version of a frog or with a more realistic one. Either way, it’s gonna end up great because frogs are great. To make it more fun, draw a crown on the frog.

    48. Ghost

    We’ve drawn a cute ghost, now it’s time to draw a terrifying one. “But it’s not cute!”, surprisingly, it is to others so why not add it to your list of drawings?

    Unlike a cute ghost, this may be a lot less simple and a tad bit more complex. However, if you want to keep the simplicity, draw a simple cartoonish ghost but make its expression angry.

    49. Giraffe

    We’ve had small animals, large animals, extinct animals, and now it’s time to draw tall animals. Giraffes are the tallest living animals on Earth.

    Funny enough, they actually started with short necks but due to evolution, they ended up with really long necks to reach their food. Truly, they started from the bottom, now they’re here.

    50. Glasses

    Drawing everyday objects such as glasses is great for practice! If you don’t know what to draw and you’re in need of a bit of warm-up, draw glasses. You can even learn light and reflection by studying how light works when it hits the glasses.

    51. Goldfish

    We’ve drawn a fish before but to be more specific, try a goldfish! Goldfishes are one of the most common pets people have because they’re so pretty and are easy to take care of. They’re also easy to draw so learning how to draw a goldfish probably won’t take up too much of your time.

    52. Hamster

    On the topic of small and cute, you can’t ignore hamsters. Hamsters are adorable little gremlins that run around and munch on greens. They have a roundish body and a not too complicated anatomy so drawing them should be a piece of cake.

    53. Cute Hanging Plant

    Plants and flowers are always an interesting and fun subject to draw. Spice things up a bit by drawing a hanging plant. There are all sorts of hanging plants and you decide which one you wanna draw (or if you wanna mash them up like I did).

    The great thing about these is that they’ll make for a great decoration on the side of your paper or notebook page.

    54. Hedgehog

    Let’s draw a hedgehog but without the cute. This will be near impossible as hedgehogs are naturally cute due to their small nature and beady little eyes, but, to make it seem less adorable (depending on how you look at it), draw the hedgehog you drew earlier but with an angry expression.

    This will make the hedgehog a lot more intimidating and definitely not that cute (lie).

    55. Heart

    You can’t doodle cute things and not have a heart in it. Hearts are pretty simple as they’re basically just a shape (unless you’re drawing an anatomically correct heart) but to give it a bit of flair, give the heart a face and an expression!

    You can even take it a step further and give the heart some limbs! (Like Ricardio from Adventure Time)

    56. Hello Kitty Drawing

    The icon of all cute things: Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is a popular fictional character that originated from Japan. They’re a white anthropomorphic cat with an adorable character design.

    Hello Kitty is recognizable by their pinkish-red bow and dress and their simple facial features. This makes them really easy to draw.

    57. Holding Hands

    If you’re the romantic type or if you just really like the sentiment of love, reserve a page in your drawing book for holding hands!

    Not only will this be a cute little ‘aww’ moment for when you look back, it’ll also give you the opportunity to practice drawing hands, which is a great deal of hardship for a lot of artists.

    58. Hot Air Balloon

    Running out of ideas? Draw a hot air balloon! Add some of those clouds you learned to draw earlier and you got yourself a composition! They’re relatively easy to draw as their shaped like a light bulb.

    Hot air balloons are colorful too so adding a touch of color will surely bring your drawing to life.

    59. House

    Since we can’t afford a house in this economy, let’s just draw one! Drawing houses are great because it’s literally up to you and you’re wild imagination what the house will look like.

    Is it gonna be built into a burrow like a Hobbit’s house? Is it gonna be built into a tree? Is it gonna be a normal house strapped onto a thousand balloons floating away in the sky? It’s up to you!

    60. Ice Cream Cone

    If you’re looking for another food-related idea to add to your doodles then draw an ice cream cone! This will fit perfectly with your donuts and cookies! Make sure to use different colors and experiment with different toppings to add some variety!

    61. Jigglypuff

    Pokemon took the world by storm with its adorable animal-inspired Pokemons. One of the most adorable and easy-to-draw Pokemons is a Jigglypuff! They’re pink and round with big giant eyes. What could possibly be cuter than that?

    62. Kawaii Cactus

    Remember the cactus you drew earlier? Give it a face and maybe a flower crown to make it cuter than it already was! Add some sparkles around it too to really emphasize how kawaii it is.

    63. Koala

    Draw a koala again, but this time more realistically (or better yet with an angry expression). Similar to the hedgehog, it’s pretty difficult to turn a koala into something that isn’t adorable. So just give it a sprinkle of the uncanny valley and make it somewhat realistic but not too realistic.

    64. Ladybug

    Ladybugs are known to be the chill bug that just hangs around leaves looking pretty and cute so why not add them to your portfolio of drawings? They also have a simple color scheme, just black and red, perfect for all the goths out there.

    65. Letter

    An interesting addition to your doodles would be letters! No, I’m not talking about the alphabet, I’m talking about letters you mail to a faraway loved one.

    This is the perfect doodle for holidays like Valentine’s Day or even Christmas! To make it more interesting, draw little wings to your letter.

    66. Lilies

    Drawing flowers is always such a great go-to whenever you find yourself with nothing to draw as there are just so many of them! For this one, draw lilies!

    Lilies are simple but beautiful flowers that can be easy to draw! The tips of their petals are pointed and they only have one color. They’ll surely make a fantastic addition to your bouquet of drawings.

    67. Lollipop

    Speaking of simple things to draw, one of the most simple things you could draw is lollipops. This will go well with a sweets-themed drawing.

    All it takes to draw a lollipop is drawing a circle (maybe even putting a strip of rectangle in the middle), and then drawing a thin stick at the bottom. That’s it!

    68. Love Letter

    We’ve talked about drawing letters before but if you really want to get specific, draw love letters. The difference in drawing a love letter is that you can draw a heart in place of a regular rectangular stamp.

    You can even get creative and draw hearts all over the letter or a kiss mark on top of the envelope!

    69. Macaroon

    Macaroons are also one of the easiest things you can draw as they’re made entirely of an oval shape. The great thing about them is you can have them in different colors!

    You can also draw them individually as part of a pattern or you can draw them in plates. Either way, these tasty treats make for a pleasant addition to your drawings.

    70. Mountains

    If you’re into drawing landscapes, give mountains a go! Mountains will make a majestic addition to your drawings.

    The cool thing about drawing mountains is you can expand your drawing if you so choose. You can add a couple of clouds surrounding the mountain so it’ll feel less empty or add a few birds. You can draw a small lake at the base of it next to a village, and hey, if you can, maybe you can even add a dragon at the very summit. It’s up to you really.

    71. Mushroom

    Mushrooms come in many shapes and colors but whichever shape you choose, they’re always bound to be cute! If you’re going for a more woodland theme in your drawings, drawing mushrooms is a must!

    You can turn the mushroom into a house for fairies by adding a little window and a door on its trunk. How cute is that!

    72. Olaf

    Popular and beloved cartoon characters always make for a great drawing subject, so why not draw Olaf? Olaf is the adorable sidekick in the popular Disney film ‘Frozen’. He’s made up of snow, sticks, a couple of stones, and a carrot.

    His character design is pretty simple so drawing him should be a piece of cake!

    73. Owl

    Some see owls as creepy simply because they can turn their head all the way around but personally, I think it’s cool. That’s why they deserve a spot in your drawing book!

    Owls are also the symbol of wisdom so drawing them would be a pretty wise decision.

    74. Panda

    What else could be cuter than a panda? They’re big and fluffy and don’t require any colors! Just leave the white parts empty and fill in the black parts.

    Pandas are chill animals. Just give them some bamboo and they’ll lay back and just feel the vibes. This makes them the perfect subject to draw.

    75. Penguin

    If you’re looking to draw more animals that don’t require much color then draw penguins next! Penguins are cute and cuddly, especially if you draw them in groups of four.

    The shape of penguins is also pretty simple so copying it will be no trouble. Just don’t forget to add their little webbed feet so they can waddle around the pages of your art book.

    76. Pig

    If you want to continue the trend of drawing animals, try drawing a pig! Pigs also have a pretty simple body shape as it’s just mostly round so it won’t be too difficult to copy.

    They’re usually portrayed as only having one color (pink), but, fun fact, pigs actually come in many different colors! Some even come in two. So, if you’re not really all that excited about a pink pig, you can try other colors.

    77. Pikachu

    We’ve drawn a Pokemon before, a Jigglypuff, but this time, let’s go for the most well-known Pokemon: Pikachu! Pikachu is an adorable Pokemon and if he were real, no doubt everyone would have them as pets.

    Pikachu is known for their tail which resembles lightning and their adorable cat-like faces. Their ears are much longer than a cat and they have a bit of black at the tip of it. Their back has two red stripes and their cheeks have two red circles which make it look like they’re blushing.

    78. Planets

    Tired of Earth? Venture into outer space and draw different planets! A planet-themed drawing would be sick. You can even draw stars and asteroids if you find that planets aren’t enough or, if you’d like, make up your own planet! Be creative and give it a weird name like Uranus.

    79. Pretty Feather

    Feathers are pretty neat. They’re simple and they make for a fun little decoration on the side of a page or the corner of a notebook.

    Some feathers have more than one color so if you wanna add a sprinkle of color to your art books, having a feather will be great.

    Link: Our guide on how to draw a feather

    80. Puppy

    Nothing could be cuter than puppies! That’s why they grow up to be man’s best friend. If you’re going for cute and adorable animals, it would be wrong to exclude puppies.

    Make sure to draw them with their tongues out and their tails wagging. You can’t draw a sad puppy. Unless you’re a masochist.

    81. Rainbow

    If you want your art book to be filled with beautiful colors, draw a rainbow! Rainbows are one of nature’s most mesmerizing creations. Having them on a page of your drawings would be amazing.

    The cool thing about this is it doesn’t have to be a rainbow, you can simply take the rainbow color and put it in anything you want. A coffee mug? A plant? Maybe even a flag? We love the rainbows.

    82. Robot

    Robots are a lot more complicated than most drawing subjects on this list, mostly because robots don’t have one set look. You could go for a robot from Transformers or a robot from Futurama, either way, it’s guaranteed to be a fun subject to draw!

    83. Spaceship Doodle

    A spaceship doodle would go well with the planets you drew earlier. Spaceships are nice because you can draw them and put a little alien in them. How adorable would that be?

    If you’re a beginner, I would suggest drawing the typical spaceship you often see in cartoons, however, if you want to be more bold, try drawing the Death Star.

    84. Rocks

    Don’t know what else to draw? Draw rocks! Rocks come in all shapes and forms plus they’re really simple and easy. This will go well if you choose to pursue a woodland theme in your art books.

    85. Rose

    One of the most popular flowers and a symbol of love is roses. Although roses are a lot more complicated than most flowers, drawing them can be a beautiful addition to your portfolio. We talk about how to draw roses in our other article here, feel free to check it out! How to Draw a Flower (Easy Tutorials For Beginners)

    86. Sea Turtle

    Reserve a page in your art book for sea turtles! Sea turtles are amazing creatures that deserve a lot of love. Plus they’re not all that difficult to draw! Their shells are a bit rounded and the patterns on their backs are hexagons.

    87. Cute Sloth

    A sloth would be a cool drawing to make. Sloths are known to be lazy animals, so much so that their name is synonymous with laziness.

    So draw a sloth hanging around your portfolio, chilling around with a panda and a koala.

    88. Cute Snake

    Snakes are often seen as terrifying mostly because they’re venomous and can kill you. But the great thing about drawings is you can turn even the most terrifying creatures into cute little widdle noodles.

    Just don’t forget to give it large eyes and a blush and you’ll forget that snakes can actually kill you in real life.

    89. Sparkly Eyes

    Sparkly eyes are usually used in anime to show that a character is excited or happy about something. Draw sparkly eyes to practice bringing emotion into the eyes of the characters you draw! Once you’ve mastered sparkly eyes, you can move on to fiery eyes or tired eyes. This is a great way to pass boredom.

    90. Squirrel

    We’ve covered a lot of cute animals in this article but we have yet to cover squirrels. Squirrels are adorable because they always look like they’re up to something and they are. They’re here to steal our nuts. Draw them and entrap them in your notebook so they may not steal any nuts and rise to power.

    91. Stars

    Stars make for a cute little decorative doodle that you can do on your notebooks. They can be difficult to get right though but that’s the beauty of it. This will go well with a spaceship drawing or a planets drawing.

    92. Sunflower

    Sunflowers are the giraffes of the flower world. They’re really tall but they’re also very pretty.

    Fun fact, not all sunflowers are yellow. Although they’re mostly known for their brown centers and yellow petals, some sunflowers actually come in red or purple! So if you’re planning to draw a sunflower, know that you don’t have to stick with the yellow one.

    93. Sun and Moon

    A sun and moon drawing would be the cutest thing. Sun and moon are often used as a trope in stories pertaining to two characters with polar opposite personalities finding solace in each other, bringing this trope to life in a drawing would be sweet. To top it all off, you can draw stars all around them.

    94. Cute Snail

    Snails are cute! Especially when you don’t accidentally step on them. They’re not all that difficult to draw as well so they’re perfect for a quick drawing session.

    Fun fact, did you know snail mucus is used as an ingredient in skin care because they’re known to treat things like skin spots and wrinkles?

    95. Teacup

    We’ve covered drawing a cup of coffee but how about a teacup? Better yet, a tea set! This will go great with a drawing of a cookie and some macaroons, that way you can have yourself a merry little tea party!

    96. Tree

    Trees are one of the first things we learn to draw as artists. Usually, they’re just scribbles of green crayon above scratches of brown since we learn this as kids. But now, we can take it a step further and draw trees with multiple branches and beautiful green leaves! If your drawings are set in autumn, you can color the trees orange.

    97. Tulip

    Tulips are one of the easiest AND prettiest flowers you could draw. Did you know tulips are edible and can be used as a substitute for onions? Me neither.

    Tulips are mostly known for their simple petals and long leaves. Drawing these beside all the flowers you’ve drawn would make for one enchanting composition!

    98. Turtle

    We love and appreciate turtles. They’re very slow and they mind their own business (unless they’re snapping turtles). Add turtles to your long list of drawings. Draw them next to a rabbit and have them race, let’s see who wins (I don’t know about you but my bet is on the turtle).

    99. Unicorn

    Unicorns! The lovely mythical majestic beasts that they are that sparkle in the twilight and fart rainbows. If drawing this magical creature won’t make you the best artist to ever art then I don’t know what will.

    Unicorns are basically just horses but a whole lot cooler. They’re known for the horns on their heads and their ability to fly. They’re usually depicted as white but since they’re mythical you can go crazy on what color they are. (Personally, I’ve never seen a zebra unicorn).

    100. Whale

    Whale, whale, whale. Allow the largest animal alive to make a splash in the pages of your portfolio! They’re big and cute and they swallow wooden puppets and fishes who are looking for their suns.

    Did you know some whales blow bubbles around their prey to entrap them and make them easier to eat? Isn’t that wild? You’re just a fish swimming about and the last thing you see before dying are bubbles. What a way to go, huh?

    101. Yak

    Yaks are one of those animals that sound mythical but are actually real. You look them up and oh, they’re just hairy oxen. Yaks are largely known for their furry coats and their big long horns. They kind of look like emos but ones that don’t hate their parents.

    Not so fun fact, wild yaks are classified by the IUCN Red List as vulnerable. A little more and they’d be endangered (which they previously were).

    102. Zebra

    Zebras are great because they kind of look like a walking optical illusion. Drawing them would be a blast!

    They’re a lot smaller than horses but their anatomy is not all that different. If you know how to draw a horse, you can probably draw a zebra.

    If you want to get a little crazy, give the zebra a horn and some wings and you’ll have a unicorn zebra! (Have you seen a unicorn zebra? Me neither.)

    What Are Somethings to Draw When You’re Bored?

    There are plenty of things to draw when you’re bored! For instance:

    • Doodles
    • Nature
    • Animals
    • Objects
    • Architecture
    • Portrait
    • Figures

    Personally, I go for doodles whenever I’m bored. Doodling is a quick and fun way to get rid of your boredom as it involves drawing small things over and over until you eventually get one big picture full of all sorts of things! It’s also quite stress-relieving.

    Want a more in-depth discussion of what to draw when bored? Take a look at our other article here:

    What Can I Draw If I’m Bored? (Over 50+ Ideas)

    What Supplies and Material Do You Need to Draw Cute Things?

    To keep it simple, all you really need are pencils and paper, maybe even colors if you want your drawings to pop. However, if you want to be specific and really get all your materials right, I suggest:

    Pencils:We recommend 2B and 4B pencils
    Erasers:A kneaded eraser is preferred
    Reference image:A detailed reference image
    Sketchbook or paper:Truly any type of paper will do but for graphite drawings,
    we recommend smoother paper like this one from Strathmore
    Tortillon/Blending Stick:This will make blending and creating shades much
    easier and smoother

    Note that you don’t need fancy and expensive materials in order to draw cute things. Get what you can afford or work with what you already have and you’ll be able to draw all things adorable nonetheless.

    What Is the Easiest Thing to Draw That’s Cute?

    A bumblebee! Bumblebees are really easy to draw but also extremely adorable. You can draw them next to some flowers and you’ll have one cute composition.

    To draw a bumblebee, all you really need to do is draw an oval and add wings and some stripes. That’s it!

    What Is the Easiest Thing to Draw?

    The easiest thing to draw is rocks. Unless you wanna go for realistically accurate rocks then in that case, you might need a couple of references.

    However, just rocks in general would make for a pretty easy and quick drawing. But that doesn’t mean they’re boring! Vary their shapes and colors and you’ll have a fun set of rocks on your art portfolio.

    What to Draw That’s Easy and Pretty?

    If you wanna draw something that’s both easy and pretty then draw crystals! Crystals may seem like it’s hard to draw but really, it’s just a couple of triangles and hexagons put together. The real trick is coloring them but when you use reference, you’ll find that it’s really not that difficult.

    Some crystals are monochrome which will make it easier for you to color, however, some use almost all colors of the rainbow. That’s where a reference comes in handy.

    If you want to draw a flower that’s easy and pretty then I suggest a tulip. Tulips are simple yet elegant. There are not a lot of steps to follow when drawing a tulip and their color schemes are not that complicated.

    What Is Something Fun and Easy to Draw?

    Something fun and easy to draw would be planets! Planets are just spheres floating around in space but the devil’s in the details and that’s where the fun begins.

    A great thing about drawing planets too is that you can make up your own planet. Make a pizza planet or make a Uranus 2.0, it’s up to you and where your imagination takes you. You can even take it a step further and draw a whole new solar system!

    How Do You Draw Difficult Things?

    In order to draw difficult, you must invest a lot of time and patience into practicing and drawing easy things first.

    Think of it as a video game where you start out on level 1 with easy-to-defeat monsters. It’ll seem like a piece of cake!

    But as you progress, you find that the monsters are getting harder and harder to defeat, but thanks to all your previous experience of having fought the monsters from earlier levels, you can pass the level with little to no sweat. It’s the same for drawing.

    You have to start out with the basics first and learn all the easy stuff before you move on to difficult things. Remember to use references and to take frequent breaks so as to not burn yourself out!

    How Long Does It Take to Learn to Draw?

    I always believe that learning to draw takes a lifetime. However, if you’re wondering how long it will take before you can start drawing confidently then the answer is 2-3 years.

    Of course, it’s going to differ for different people. There are a lot of factors that come into play when learning a skill. For instance, how much time will you practice daily? What are your resources? Are you just learning to draw for fun? All this affects how long it will take you to learn to draw.

    Generally speaking though, it takes 2-3 years for the average person to draw. Wanna know more about this? Read our other article here:

    Link: How Long Does It Take The Average Person To Learn To Draw?

    How Do You Draw Realistically?

    To draw realistically, you must first study and practice the fundamentals of art and then learn about the structures of whatever it is you wish to draw realistically (figures, cars, buildings, etc.).

    It all leads back to the fundamentals of art. I suggest you go through that first before attempting to draw anything realistically. Don’t just take a reference and copy it, you have to actually understand what makes the reference look like that (shadows, light, anatomy, structure, etc.).

    Most important of all, you have to practice consistently. You can’t just learn the fundamentals of art and then draw once and expect to be able to draw realistically. You have to develop a routine in which you practice and gradually get better.

    Watch this video to get an idea of how to practice efficiently:

    How to Improve Your Art Skills

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