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50+ Cute and Easy Christmas Drawing Ideas (with Picture Guides!)

Here are our 50+ Christmas drawing ideas.

We’ve provided images and descriptions for most of these Christmas drawings. So hopefully you can follow along and add some Christmas cheer and artistic fun to the holiday season!

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Some good Christmas drawing ideas are Christmas trees, jingle bells, Christmas presents, candy canes, gingerbread man, holiday wreaths, snowmen, and Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Drawing Ideas – Full List

1. Christmas Jingle Bells

What’s more Christmas-y than Christmas Jingle Bells? If you’re looking for a Christmas-themed drawing, then start with Jingle Bells. They have an easy shape to follow plus they can be used as a decorative pattern you can draw on a homemade card or gift wrap!

2. Candle

Some people like to light candles during Christmas, as a tradition or simply for the aesthetic. Either way, they would make a great addition to your Christmas sketches.

Candles are fun to draw because they have a very simple look but you can draw them while they’re melting and it’ll look really cool.

3. Candy Cane

Candy canes are the sugary sweet candy icons of Christmas. They’re right up there with stockings and cookies and milk, so it makes sense to draw them in the spirit of Christmas! They have an easy-to-follow shape plus easy-to-copy patterns.

Just draw a cane (which is simply a hook but longer) and then draw the patterns inside of the cane. The most common pattern of candy canes are stripes but you can get creative and draw dots all over your candy cane.

To give it a little more pizzazz, give it a bow as if it’s a Christmas present.

4. Christmas Hat

There’s nothing that screams Christmas more than the recognizable red Christmas hat that is supposed to represent Santa Claus’ hat. Every Christmas, without fail, people will bust out this cone-like red and white hat and wear it around to show people that it is indeed Christmas.

So why not draw this iconic headwear? You can even give it to the angel you drew earlier.

5. Christmas Tree

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas Tree. To some, this is literally the only reason they celebrate Christmas. Whip out a tree and decorate it with all sorts of items and trinkets.

Draw a bare pine tree first then add the decorations later. This can be the garland, the Christmas balls, candy canes, Christmas angels, and stockings. Don’t forget to add the Christmas star at the very top of the tree and the presents underneath it.

6. Simple Christmas Tree (simpler version than the one above*

If drawing a Christmas Tree is too intimidating for you, what with all the decorations and stuff, you can draw a simpler version with just the basic details.

This means drawing a Christmas tree with just the Christmas balls, garland, and the star on top. You can add a couple of presents beneath the tree but you can do without them. As long as you get the basic essence of Christmas across, your tree will be fine.

7. Cozy and Cute Hot Cocoa

Christmas would be cold without a cozy and cute hot cocoa in your hands.

Imagine, sitting by the window sill as snowflakes fall to the ground and the distant sound of Mariah Carrey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” plays in some poor convenience store, a hot cup of cocoa in your hands. Truly what makes Christmas a warm holiday despite it taking place in a cold season.

8. Cute Penguin

Penguins are cute little creatures that slide around in ice and eat fish all day. Sometimes they do a cute little dance. If you’re wondering what penguins have to do with Christmas, well, nothing.

But, get this, they’re adorable and do well in cold spaces. So naturally, you wanna put them in a Christmas setting somewhere. Especially in a drawing. Just draw a cute little penguin next to a Snowman and there you have it, a Christmas drawing! Add a Santa Claus hat on the penguin too to really top it off.

9. Elf on the Shelf

Speaking of elves, you should definitely draw Elf on the Shelf. This adorable (creepy) doll that sits atop a mantelpiece to scare children into behaving during the holidays is easy to draw thanks to its simple design.

Elf on the Shelf is wildly recognizable by its red jumpsuit, white gloves, and pointy Christmas hat. They also have large wide eyes (better to see who’s been naughty and who’s been good) and a somewhat creepy smile.

10. Gingerbread Man

You can’t have a gingerbread house without a gingerbread man. Who’s to watch over the house while you celebrate Christmas?

Drawing the gingerbread man is simple as it is just a cookie in the very loose shape of a person. For its face, draw two dots for the eyes and a simple smile. Don’t bother adding a nose (although, if you feel like it, why not?).

Its clothes are really easy as it’s just a bow and three buttons. If you wanna give it more detail, draw squiggly lines near the end of its arms and legs.

11. Hedgehog with Santa hat

Continuing the tradition of drawing animals and Christmas-ifying them, this time it’s hedgehogs! Hedgehogs are small little animals mostly known for the spikes behind their backs.

They’re naturally adorable-looking animals, and to make them even more adorable, give them a Santa hat! Let these spiky little dudes and dudettes experience the joy that is Christmas (although they may not understand it).

12. Holiday wreath

One of the staples of Christmas is the holiday wreath or the Christmas wreath. It’s an assortment of flowers woven together to form a shape that is made to hang as decoration. Once you see these bad boys up on someone’s door, that’s when you know Christmas has truly begun.

A holiday wreath is very simple as it has a round shape that makes it easy to draw. All you have to do once you’ve drawn the leaves is add the jingle bells, Christmas balls, and a ribbon on top.

13. Holly

The holly plant is probably the plant icon (besides the mistletoe) of Christmas. The holly can be characterized as having spiked leaves with two little red berries in the middle.

The holly’s significance during Christmas is because its leaves represent the thorns in Jesus’ crown when he was being crucified. The red berries represent his blood.

However, before the holly plant became a Christmas, it was originally regarded by the Druids as a symbol of fertility and eternal life.

14. Icicles

A cute and fun Christmas-ish pattern you can draw on your cards and papers are icicles! Icicles aren’t usually associated with Christmas but, since Christmas is set during cold seasons, it makes sense to draw them in the theme of Christmas.

15. North Pole Sign

A simple and clever item to draw during Christmas is the North Pole sign. The North Pole is believed to be where Santa Claus lives because it never stops snowing there.

Having the North Pole sign on one of your drawings would be a cute thing to do. Especially if you pair that with a drawing of Santa Claus and a bunch of elves carrying presents!

16. Patterned baubles

If you’re looking to draw something more decorative, Christmas baubles or Christmas balls are the way to go. They’re really simple yet you can get really creative with them and their designs.

Just draw a circle and add a little crown at its top. Then draw a string on the crown. There you have it! A Christmas bauble. It’s up to you what design you wanna give it. You can make it really complicated with patterns and such or you can just color it in and maybe add some glitter.

17. Patterned Scarf

A patterned scarf would make for a pretty cute drawing on a Christmas card. Since Christmas is set in cold weather, people wear scarves during the holidays. As such, some people create scarves simply for Christmas by creating Christmas-themed patterns.

The pattern can be a snowman, snowflakes, Christmas balls, or even the simple red and green strips that are largely associated with Christmas.

18. Christmas Presents

It wouldn’t be a Christmas celebration without Christmas presents. One of the main aspects of Christmas is gift-giving. Giving gifts to the people you love (and sometimes your co-workers) is one of the reasons we celebrate Christmas.

So capture this fun aspect by drawing Christmas presents! The great thing about Christmas presents is that they are really easy to do. Just draw the basic squares and rectangles and add a cute little bow.

You can add cute patterns like polka dots or stripes to the gifts to make them more interesting.

19. Red Bow

A red bow would make for a great decorative design on your Christmas cards! Red bows are usually put on presents so drawing them on a Christmas card would be like having the card as a present.

Red bows also make for a cute pattern on a sweater, scarf, or gift wrap. Plus they’re really easy to do!

20. Snow Globe

A simple Christmas snow globe would make for a great drawing on a holiday greeting card! Just draw a globe and then a Christmas tree or a gingerbread house inside of it and you’re good to go.

The cool thing about snow globes is that they don’t actually have to be in the shape of globes. You can get creative and draw jars, lanterns, or cubes with little Christmas figures in them and people will still get the gist (probably).

21. Snowman

Another popular Christmas figure is the snowman! A snowman is, well, a man made out of snow. Despite the name being ‘man’, the figure of a snowman doesn’t look anything like a human man at all.

A snowman is usually made with three balls of snow, with the head being the smallest and the base part being the largest. Their eyes and mouth are made with coals and their nose is a carrot. Sometimes, people like to give their snowmen a pipe (this is because snowmen don’t have lungs and can smoke however much they like).

A snowman also wears a scarf and a couple of coals down his torso to represent buttons. His arms are made of wooden sticks and he doesn’t have legs. To top it all off, a snowman has a tophat because snowmen distinguished individuals of Christmas.

22. Stocking

The hanging of stockings is an essential part of Christmas traditions. Stockings are a lot bigger than socks but they have the same shape and design so if you drew a Christmas patterned sock, best believe you can also draw a Christmas stocking (although people usually draw them in the style of Santa Claus’ outfit).

The tradition of hanging stockings during Christmas actually came to be because Saint Nicholas (the person on whom Santa Claus was based) used to leave three gold coins to a couple of poor sisters.

One night, the sisters hung their stockings over a fireplace to leave it to dry. At the same time, Saint Nicholas decided to drop a bag of coins down the chimney which landed directly into the stockings.

This is why we hang stockings in fireplaces in hopes of a present.

23. Winter Mittens

Winter mittens are used to keep our dainty little human hands warm during the holidays. They’re very easy to draw and you can get creative with their patterns. Most people go for a Christmas pattern on their winter mittens but it’s up to you on what you wanna draw on the mittens! You can even go for a Christmas color scheme if you wanna avoid the trouble of creating a pattern.

Other Christmas Drawing Ideas

24. Black Christmas Cat

Black cats are often depicted as bad luck when that shouldn’t be the case. Black cats are adorable little living voids of darkness and should be celebrated as such.

Although they’re mostly associated with Halloween, they deserve to pop up in every major holiday like Christmas! So draw a black cat celebrating the joyous holiday that is Christmas!

You can do this by drawing a black cat next to a Christmas tree or a black cat wearing a Santa Clause costume! How cute would that be?

25. Buddy the Elf

There’s nothing like drawing an iconic Christmas character for Christmas. Buddy the Elf is Will Ferell’s character in the classic Christmas movie Elf. He is depicted as a grown man wearing a green and yellow typical Christmas elf costume.

He has a pointy hat, pointy shoes, and brown curly hair. Of course, you don’t have to draw Buddy the Elf in a realistic manner. You can simply draw a cartoon version of him to slap on a Christmas card wishing all your loved ones a very merry Christmas!

26. Bulb

Christmas bulbs are the bright colorful little lights that you see in the Christmas lights being hung as decorations during Christmas. This is fairly easy to draw as the bulb has a simple almond shape and it’s up to you to decide their color!

27. Cat in Christmas Pajamas

I suggested a black Christmas cat earlier, but now you can just draw any cat but in Christmas pajamas. How cute would that be? To add to the cuteness, draw a litter of kittens, all with Christmas pajamas and a tiny little Santa Claus hat.

28. Christmas Angel

Another decorative Christmas item you could draw is a Christmas Angel! Since Christmas, to most people, is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, people honor the angel that told Mary that she would be giving birth to the Son of God. Thus became the Christmas Angel tradition.

Drawing the angel is actually pretty easy. They have a fairly simple design and all you gotta do is add wings to it. If you’re drawing the decoration, you can add a little crown at the top of its head and add a string to it.

29. Dog in Christmas Pajamas

We’ve done cats in Christmas pajamas, but how about dogs in Christmas pajamas? Better yet, PUPPIES in Christmas pajamas.

Christmas is always better with your cute furry friends so why don’t you show your love and appreciation for them in a drawing? On top of Christmas pajamas, you can also draw the dogs wearing a Santa Claus hat or carrying a bone with a ribbon wrapped around it.

30. Christmas Elf

Santa’s selfless little workers who work to make sure all the children of the world get their presents deserve a spot in your Christmas drawings.

And I’m not talking about iconic Christmas characters like Buddy the Elf, I’m talking about Christmas elves in general! The small cute little creatures wearing green with pointed ears and pointed hats.

31. Five-Pointed Star

A very simple shape you could draw for your Christmas cards and gift wraps is the five-pointed star. The star plays a huge part in the story of Christmas, which is probably why it sits at the very top of the Christmas tree.

In the Bible, when Jesus was born, a bright shining star appeared over the three wise men. This inspired the wise men to travel to where Jesus was and offer him gifts.

32. Gingerbread House

A cute thing you can draw for Christmas a Gingerbread House. Building a Gingerbread house is a Christmas tradition that originally began in Germany.

As its name suggests, it involves making a house out of gingerbread and decorating it to make it Christmas-y. Of course, not everyone uses gingerbread and some get a little more creative, however, for the sake of drawing it, we’ll go for the traditional gingerbread house.

33. Christmas House

A Christmas house is simply a normal house but decorated in celebration of Christmas. This could be done by drawing an average-looking house first and then adding the decorations to make it look more Christmas-y later.

You can achieve this by drawing some snow on the roof or some Christmas lights. You can also draw a Snowman in front of the house or a Christmas tree. It doesn’t have to be complicated or detailed, as long as you can pull off the “Christmas in December but I started decorating in June” vibe then you’re good to go.

34. Girl and Boy in Christmas Pajamas

To complete the whole Christmas Pajama Trilogy, draw humans in Christmas pajamas. First, you had your cats, then your dogs, and now a girl and a boy.

This may sound intimidating as people are a lot more complicated to draw than cats and dogs. However, you can simply draw them in the style you’re most comfortable with, be it cartoon, chibi, or anime. It does not have to be realistic.

Personally, I always go for anime. Don’t know how to draw anime? We have a step by step guide over here. How to Draw Anime for Beginners – In 6 Easy Steps (Full Guide)

35. Grinch

Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of Christmas. Just ask Dr. Seuss’ the Grinch (spoiler alert, he steals Christmas).

Despite not liking Christmas all that much, the Grinch has become such an iconic Christmas character that it’s impossible not to have a Christmas without watching the 2000 movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Drawing him is also really easy as he has a fairly simple design (if you’re a fan of Dr. Seuss then you already know).

36. Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are a fun decoration during Christmas because they make everything look sparkly and pretty. They’re often confused for those colored Christmas bulbs but hanging Christmas lights use a lot more complicated shapes like snowflakes and stars.

You can use this as a decorative pattern around your Christmas cards or letters to make them look cute.

37. Ice Skating Shoes

Although ice skating can be done any time of the year, many people like to do it around Christmas as a fun little holiday activity. So why not draw ice skating shoes to commemorate the activity?

Ice skating shoes are drawn as shoes first and then adding blades at the bottom. You can add your own design to the shoes or simply color them in.

38. Lights

Another fun pattern you could for your cards is Christmas lights. Christmas lights can be drawn by creating strings or arcs and drawing tiny bulbs on them. The great thing about Christmas lights is they’re colorful which can help your cards look a lot more vibrant!

39. Mistletoe

Mistletoe is another popular icon of Christmas, especially for lovers. It’s a Christmas tradition that when two people (usually couples) stand under a mistletoe, they must kiss. Surprisingly enough, this tradition isn’t derived from the Bible or related in any way to Jesus Christ.

The tradition of kissing under a mistletoe came from a Norse legend. It came to be because the goddess Frigga demanded that every creature, living and non-living, cannot hurt her son Balder. However, she forgot about the mistletoe plant.

Loki, who was popular for bringing chaos, designed an arrow from a mistletoe and tricked Balder’s brother to shoot him with it. From then on, Frigga declared the mistletoe to never cause harm ever again but instead promote love and that anyone who stands under a mistletoe, whether they be friends or enemies, must share a kiss of peace.

Interesting right? Definitely something you should draw on a card to give to your enemy or a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time.

40. Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is also another popular figure of Christmas that doesn’t come from the Bible. A nutcracker is a wooden toy that is designed to crack nuts using their mouths.

It became a beloved Christmas figure thanks to a classical ballet telling the story of a girl who becomes friends with a nutcracker and helps him defeat an evil mouse king on Christmas eve.

However, the nutcracker’s association with Christmas actually came from a German tradition where people would gift other people with the toy as it is believed to keep away evil spirits and bring good luck. Since it was such a common gift, people started associating it with Christmas.

41. Olaf (from Frozen)

If you wanna draw something fun, draw Olaf from the popular franchise Frozen! You might be wondering what Olaf has to do with Christmas since the first movie wasn’t actually set during Christmas, well, he is a snowman and that’s really all that matters.

Olaf is the lovable snowman sidekick of Anna that was created by her sister, Elsa. He has a simple design so drawing him should be a piece of cake. If you want to make him more Christmas-y, give him a Santa Claus hat and maybe wrap a couple of Christmas lights around him.

42. Christmas Ornaments

If you like to doodle and you want to have a Christmas-themed doodle then Christmas ornaments are the way to go. Most ornaments are really simple so it shouldn’t be too hard.

You can doodle Christmas baubles, garlands, candy canes, the Christmas angel, and the Christmas star. This would make for a wonderful design on a gift wrapper.

43. Poinsettia

Poinsettia is known to be the flower of Christmas. They’re recognized by their bright red petals and yellow centers. It is considered to be the flower of Christmas because it resembles the star of Bethlehem.

However, according to Mexican legends, poinsettias became the flowers of Christmas because of a young child named Pepita who didn’t have a gift for Jesus but instead only had a bouquet of weeds to offer.

The angels were touched by Pepita’s gesture so they sprinkled their angel magic onto the weeds and turned them into pretty red flowers.

44. Polar Bear

Polar bears have almost nothing to do with Christmas other than the fact that they can survive in cold weather. That said, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be included in all the Christmas fun. So draw a polar bear in some Christmas pajamas and give them a little Santa Claus hat.

Even better yet, draw a polar bear next to a North Pole sign or next to a very terrified Santa Claus.

45. Reindeer

If there ever was such an animal that could be related to Christmas it would be the reindeer. Reindeers are popularly associated with Christmas due to the legend that they’re the animals that pull Santa’s sleigh.

They’re big animals with large antlers on their heads native to the Arctic. They, unfortunately, do not fly, but according to the Christmas legend, they do and they help Santa deliver presents to children all over the world.

Reindeers are so closely tied to Santa Claus that they even wrote a Christmas song all about a reindeer with a bright red nose named Rudolph.

46. Robin

On the topic of animals related to Christmas, the robin is one of them. The robin or the redbreast is a small brown and white bird with a splash of red (or orange) on its chest.

The reason as to why it is associated with Christmas varies depending on who you ask. Some people suggest that this is because the robin’s red feathers on its chest represent the color of the uniform Victorian postmen who deliver letters used to wear.

However, some say it is because the robin was the bird that pulled a thorn from Jesus’ crown and sang to comfort him while he suffered. Some also say it is because when Jesus was a baby, the fire got to close to him and the bird robin puffed out its chest to protect Jesus. The red on the bird’s chest represents the feathers that were burnt to protect baby Jesus.

Whichever story you go with, it’s clear that robins have a part to play in Christmas!

47. Santa Claus

Probably one of the most recognizable figures on Christmas, right next to Jesus, is Santa Claus. The proverbial man who delivers presents each Christmas and keeps a list of those who have been good and those who have been naughty.

Santa Claus is also known as Father Christmas, so why wouldn’t you draw him? Santa carries many names but his legend is derived from the actual historical figure Saint Nicholas.

Saint Nicholas was a bishop who was described as having a long white beard and red robes. He was considered the patron saint of children among many others. It was said that Saint Nicholas would travel every December to deliver gifts to the homes of children.

48. Santa Hat

If Santa Claus is a bit too much for you and you’re looking for something much simpler, draw his hat! Santa Claus’ hat has become the go-to fashionwear for every Christmas party.

It’s a pointy red hat with a white fluffy rim around it and a ball of fluff at the very tip of it. It’s kind of like a sleeping cap but red. The Santa Claus hat is so popular and well-known it might as well be the symbol of Christmas.

49. Santa Suit

Another article of clothing that you can draw for Christmas is the Santa suit! While it’s not as instantly recognizable as the Santa hat, it’s recognizable enough to be associated with Christmas!

The Santa suit is simply a red robe with white fluffs around the arms and torso, held together by a big black belt. This is paired with pants of the same red color but with the fluffs only around the leg holes and a pair of black boots.

If you wanna go the extra mile, you can draw this along with Santa’s hat and white fluffy beard!

50. Santa’s Sleigh

Drawing Santa’s sleigh might be a lot more complicated than drawing his clothes but it can still be done and it would look cute! Santa’s sleigh is generally depicted as red and gold being pulled by a couple of reindeer.

Since you’re only drawing the sleigh, no need to draw the animal (they’re on break). To make it more fun, draw a bag inside the sled and a couple of presents, to show that it’s ready for a night of delivering presents!

51. Sled

Besides Santa’s sleigh, you can simply draw a regular sled. This is a lot less complicated the Santa’s sleigh but they’re similar in shape.

Sleds are used to slide down snowy hills during winter. Although it doesn’t necessarily have to be Christmas for people to go sledding, the timing of it happening during winter, which is usually when Christmas takes place, is a fun coincidence that allows it to become a Christmas activity!

52. Christmas Socks

A cute and fun article of clothing you could draw for Christmas is socks. Particularly, Christmas socks! Christmas socks are simply your regular worn socks but with a Christmas-themed pattern on them.

This could mean a pattern of snowflakes, jingle bells, or mistletoe, whichever one you choose! It could also just be pure stripes of colors like red and green, which is the staple color of Christmas.

This makes them a fun and adorable subject to draw for Christmas, especially if you draw them as ornaments!

53. Winter Coat

I’ve suggested a lot of different clothes to draw for Christmas but the most important one is probably a winter coat as it is the second, if not the first, most common fashionwear you’ll see during the holidays.

Christmas is set during the winter so it’s only natural for people to wear winter coats. And why not? They’re fashionable and they keep you warm. A perfect subject for a Christmas drawing.

54. Turtle Dove Ornaments

Turtle doves are also one of the birds popularly associated with Christmas due to their symbol of purity, innocence, and love. They also appear in the hit Christmas song “12 Days of Christmas” which connects them even more to the holidays.

55. Snowflakes

Since Christmas usually happens when snow falls, it’s no surprise that snowflakes have become another symbol of Christmas. Snowflakes come in all sorts of pretty shapes, which makes them the perfect pattern to draw on something like a Christmas card.

What Utensils or Materials Should You Use for These Christmas Drawings?

To create your Christmas drawings, just stick to the basics. A pencil, an eraser, and a paper.

It doesn’t really take much to make these Christmas drawings as most of them are really simple. However, if you truly wanna prepare yourself, then have a look at this table:

Pencils:We recommend 2B and 4B pencils
Erasers:A kneaded eraser is preferred
Reference image:A detailed reference image
Sketchbook or paper:Truly any type of paper will do but for graphite drawings,
we recommend smoother paper like this one from Strathmore
Tortillon/Blending Stick:This will make blending and creating shades much
easier and smoother

You might also want to invest in a ruler if you want your drawings to be straight and accurate. If you want your Christmas drawings to be colorful, you’re gonna need color as well. It can be markers, colored pencils, or crayons. It’s up to you.

Personally, I go for markers. I tend to create these drawings on Christmas cards to give to friends and family so I’d like the color to be vibrant and pop off, which can easily be done with a marker.

What Are Some Easy Christmas things to draw?

There are a lot of easy things you can draw for Christmas. The easiest things are articles of clothing like Santa Claus’ hats, Christmas socks, Christmas sweaters, and stockings.

Clothes usually have very simple shapes plus they leave some room for creativity. Allowing you to draw whatever Christmas design you have in mind on them.

You can also draw a snowman! A snowman is really simple as it is mostly made up of circles. The trick is in the details that make up the snowman’s face and wardrobe but even then, it’s not that complicated.

A snowman has coals for their eyes and mouth and a carrot for their nose. Their wardrobe consists only of a scarf, a top hat, and a couple of buttons down their torso. Plus they have sticks for arms, which means you don’t have to deal with drawing pesky hands and fingers!

What to Draw on Christmas Day?

There are plenty of things you can draw on Christmas day. You can draw jingle bells, a mistletoe, the evening star, or even Santa Claus. It’s totally up to you! However, I’d suggest going for the main icon of Christmas, the Christmas tree.

One of the most wholesome traditions that came from celebrating Christmas is the putting up of the Christmas tree.

Some good Christmas drawing ideas are Christmas trees, jingle bells, Christmas presents, candy canes, gingerbread man, holiday wreaths, snowmen, and Christmas ornaments.

A Christmas tree is a simple pine tree decorated to fit the theme of Christmas. Decorations of Christmas trees are usually jingle bells, Christmas balls, garlands, Christmas lights, and all that fun stuff! At the very top of the tree, people usually put a star to represent

How Do You Draw a Beautiful Christmas Tree Easy?

Christmas trees are pretty easy to draw. You first start out by drawing a bare pine tree and then you add the decorations later.

Once you’ve drawn the pine tree, it’s up to you how you wanna decorate the tree, much like it is in real life.

Luckily, Christmas tree ornaments are also easy to draw. For instance, the Christmas baubles are created by drawing circles with a crown on top and a string attached to it (you can give the baubles patterns or you can simply color them).

Jingle bells can be done by creating a long arc shape and adding a ribbon on top. Of course, the trick is drawing it in a way that makes the Christmas tree pretty.

If you wanna ensure that the tree ends up beautiful, you can try looking to Pinterest and Google to look for inspirations or references that you can take and apply to your drawing.

How Can You Draw Santa Easily?

It’s not easy to draw Santa simply because, unlike most Christmas ideas, this involves having to draw a person which is really complicated on its own. However, drawing Santa as a chibi or cartoon should be a piece of cake as long as you follow a tutorial.

If you want to ensure that you’ll be able to draw a realistic Santa easily in the future, you’re gonna have to practice and take the time to learn a little bit about human anatomy. To help with the process, you should also get a lot of references and practice with them.

That said, if you’re only looking to draw a cute and chibi version of Saint Nicholas to slap on a card, you can follow a couple of YouTube tutorials to draw Santa Claus.

Have a look at this one:

How to Draw Santa Claus

What Are Some Cute Drawing Ideas?

There are a lot of cute things you can draw! In fact, we even wrote a whole article on it. You can check it out here if you really want a whole list of suggestions: 100+ Cute Things to Draw That Are Easy! (Step by Step Guides Included)

However, if you want a shorter list of suggestions then here are a couple of cute things you can draw:

  • Bunny
  • Cat/Kitten
  • Dog/Puppy
  • Penguins
  • Koala
  • Flowers
  • Butterfly
  • A Donut
  • A rainbow
  • An iconic cartoon (Adventure Time, Stevens Universe, Amazing World of Gumball etc.)

You can find more of these in our other article which I’ve linked above. In my opinion, anything is cute if you give them wide eyes and a blushing face. If you’re looking to draw something cute AND Christmas-themed, you could always go for a chibi Santa or a chibi reindeer.

Flowers are also something that’s pretty cute and easy to draw, and luckily, we also have an article on how to draw flowers. You can check it out here: How to Draw a Flower (Easy Tutorials For Beginners)

If you want a summary of what flowers you should draw, I suggest:

  • Tulip
  • Rose
  • Sunflower
  • Daisy
  • Cherry Blossoms

If you’re an animal lover, boy do I have an article for you. Easy to Draw Animals (50+ Animal Drawings Step by Step Guide)

Animals are generally regarded as cute so if you wanna draw something adorable, you can never go wrong with picking an animal. Everyone’s favorite subject to draw when wanting something cute is usually cats (as it should be).

In fact, anime characters (which are drawn specifically to be cute or “kawaii”) were largely inspired by our feline friends! So if you can’t choose what to draw, what with the many suggestions I gave you, go for drawing the cat.

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